China Keyan Scenic Spot Travel Guide And Tips

Keyan Scenic Spot is one of the first national “AAAA level tourist spots” and “well-known brands for tourism industry in China” as well as the central scenic spot of the Jianhu-Keyan Tourist Area in Shaoxing County. It is located at 8 km west of Shaoxing, 12 km east of Hangzhou suburbs and closely adjacent to China Light Textile Center. It is a place famous for its ancient Yue state culture at its core, integrating the features of the Shaoxing watery regions, the relics of the ancient quarry as well as forestry ecology into a whole. It was first built in the Han dynasty, with a history of over 1800 years long till now. In the Qing dynasty, the well-known “eight scenic spots of Keyan” came into being, and has been places of great interest since then in the region. Now with the development and construction of unique originality, especially in 2001 the Jianhu scenic spot was developed featuring the reproduction of the Jishan mountain and Jianhu water, countryside scenery as well as customs and practices of the ancient Yue state.

Keyan Spot is the key area of the Keyan Scenic Spot. Since the development and scenery recovery in 1995, the four key scenic spots, including stone Buddha, Jingshui bay, Puzhao temple and Garden of celebrities in Yue(Shaoxing) have been completed covering a sightseeing area of up to 1.2 sq km. In 2001, the Jianhu scenic spot was developed featuring the reproduction of the Jishan mountain and Jianhu water, countryside scenery as well as customs and practices of the ancient Yue. Luzhen was completed and opened to the public on September 28th, 2003, which is a theme sight spot demonstrating not only the living environment of the representative figures as written by Luxun in his works “Blessing”, “Hometown”, “AN official record of Mr. Q” and “Diary of the Crazy Man”, but also the folk customs and practices, architectural features and natural scenery of Shaoxing watery region at that time.

Admission fee:
100 rmb for adult. Free for kids shorter than 1.1 meters. 50% off for the kids between 1.1 and 1.4 meters. Free for the aged older than 70. 50% off for the aged between 60 and 70.

Opening hours:
8:00-16:30. (7:00-17:30 for the Oct 1st holiday)

(1). To drive here from Shaoxing city, you can choose the Highway Huhang then transfer to the Highway Hangyong.
(2). City bus: Take the line 603 or line 77 bus to the bus station named Keyan Fengjingqu (means Keyan Scenic Spot).

Food of Keyan:
The most famous thing here are the Shaoxing Meigancai and Shaoxing Laojiu wine. You can find the Shaoxing Meigancai easily here. Almost every restaurants are selling this. The Shaoxing Laojiu wine has a history of 2500 years and it is recommended by many Chinese celebrities. Another interesting food here is the Huixiangdou. Luxun (a famous writer of China) mentioned this in one of this articles. Since then, lots of tourists come here to try this interesting food because of this article. Here are some good restaurants of Shaoxing: Keyan Jiujia, Jingzhongjing Jiujia, Pingjiuguan, Taisheng Jiujia, Yishiju Jiujia, Lujia Kezhan, Jianhu Dajiudian.

Shaoxing has many notable crafts, such as Shaoxing Huabian, Mubenduan, Wuzhanmao hat, Wangxingji fan, Shaoxing furu, Shaoxing Pingshuizhucha tea, Shaoxingmaya duck, Zhaidamaoxianggao, Dingdaxing Niangao, etc. There are a lot of supermarkets in the downtowen of Shangxing city. You can find all kinds of goog Shaoxing stuffs here with acceptable prices. If you are a fan of the Chinese antiques, you can visit the Shaoxing Antique Market. It is in the opposite of the Shaoxing Luxun Square.

(1). The city bus line 77 can take you from the Shaoxing downtown to the Keyan Scenic Spot. This trip is about 1 and a half hours. One thing not so good about taking this bus is that you will need to wait for a long for it. (about 45 minutes) The line 77 bus is available for every 45 minutes.
(2). The Keyan Scenic Spot is very big and you will need at least 5 hours if you wanna visit every corner of this place.
(3). Booking your tickets online will save some money for your Keyan Scenic Spot travel. (about 10% off)
(4). There are free boats in the Keyan Scenic Spot. If you wanna try the Wupengchuan boat, the cost is 30 rmb for a person.
(5). Many tourists recommend the spot named Luzhen of this Keyan Scenic Spot. You will see the poetic truth of the “river folk” here.
(6). There are some interesting shows about Xianglinsao and Mr. Q in the Keyan Scenic Spot. Very attractive for the fans of Luxun.