China Shenzhen Oct East Travel Guide And Tips

OCT East, covering an area of 9 square kilometers at Da Mei Sha of Shenzhen, is the national ecological tourism demonstration district and the international tourism destination, at an investment of 3.5 billion Yuan by the OCT Group.
It is a combination of two theme parks, three scenic towns, four resort hotels, two 18-hole golf courses, Hua Xing Temple and Tianlu mansion etc..
Mainly include Ecoventure Velley, Tea Stream Resort Valley, Interlaken Town, Seafield Town, Ancient Tea Town, Huaxing Temple, Interlaken Hotel, Interlaken Mineral Spa, Interlaken Aqua Boutique Hotel, Interlaken Parkview Hotel, Interlaken Youth Inn, Huaxing Mahayana Hotel, Wind Valley Golf Course and Public Golf Course, Tianlu mansion etc., to fully display the harmonious coexhistence of human and nature.
Seafield Village is a town takes grape wine culture as its theme and full of the amorous feelings of America. The building based on log and masonry is warm and rustic. Series of bronze sculptures present the whole process from picking grapes to brewing red wine and reveal the amorous feelings of red wine village in Napa Valley in California USA in 19th century. It includes a series of special projects, such as Sky Strip, Seafield Theater, Self-brewing Beer House, Lakeside Food Court, Village Inn etc, thus creating a ravishing homeland dating with red wine.

Admission fee:
150 rmb for adult. 50% off for the kids between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters. Free for kids shorter than 1.2 meters. 50% off for the aged between 65 and 70. Free for the aged > 70.

You can take the city bus line J1, 53, Guanguang 1 or Airport 6 from the downtown of Shenzhen to OCT East. The bus station for OCT East is named Daxiagutingchechang.

There are lots of delicious food here: Douhua, Chamian, Chayuansanbao, Chaxiangjipai, Zizhidoufu, Doujiang.

(1). The Maoronggongzai of the Daxiagu Yangguangwu Store.
(2). The Yanshi, Kuangwubiaoben and Zhenhua of the Ziranyuansu Store.
(3). The DIY Huanbaoni of the Yidiandian Store.

(1). The OCT East is a little bit far away from Shenzhen downtown. The best way is to drive your car here. There are plenty of parking lots at the entrance of OCT East.
(2). Chaxigu is a good place for the parents and kids.
(3). Young people will love the Daxiagu. It is recommended by lots of tourists who have been here.
(4). The electric power cart is a good thing for those who don’t want walk for too long in OCT East.
(5). OCT East is an exciting place and you can choose the games which are not so exciting if you have the heart disease.
(6). It is convinient to book your tickets online. The tourist office at the entrance of OCT East can give you the tickets once you paid online. You can save a lot of time waiting in the line if you do so.
(7). OCT East is very close to Dameisha beach. You can see this notable beach of Shenzhen after the OCT East travel if you want.
(8). If you put your bags in the front dest of OCT East, you will need to get them out before 18:00. If you can’t make it before 18:00, you will have to wait till the next morning. (and a 50 rmb fine will be given to you)