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This article is about the Beijing flights and Beijing travel. You can find some useful information in it if you are planning your China vacations now.

There are some non-stop flights from U.S. to China now. You can fly directly to Beijing from S.F.(UA 8888/CA 8888 13:40, CA 985, 15:30,) , NYC(CA 981/UA 4451 13:00, CO 88, 17:00), L.A.(CA983/UA4455, 20:15). More information about Beijing flights at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics Game is a very successful one and many travellers are now interested in the Olympics stadiums in Beijing. Here is an introduction of these great stadiums:

1. Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest/Olympic Stadium): It is the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and all the Chinese are very proud of it. It is 24.8 kilometers away from the Beijing Capital Airport(about 30-40 minutes’ ride and costs 75-90 rmb for the taxi service). You can get here by bus too. The 407, 113, 939, 944, 983, 386, 740, 753, 689, 656 city bus will take you to the Beijing National Stadium(name of the bus stop is Beichenqiaoxilu). The subway is also a good choice. You can take the subway to the stop named “Olympics Center”. There are many good restaurants near the Beijing National Stadium and I will recommend these three: (1). Hongfanqie restaurant, 18 Beichendonglu, Catic Hotel Beijing; (2). Friday, 18 Beichendonglu, Catic Hotel Beijing; (3). Jiashiyuhuayuan restaurant, 23 Beichendongluhuayuanyihao. If you wanna go to a bar or something, there are also some good choices for you: (1). Good friend: 8 Beichendonglu(in the north of the Catic Hotel). (2). Feiwen club: 8 Beichendonglu(in the east of the Beijing National Stadium). (3). ViVo club: 28 Aihuibeiliyiyuan. Also, there are lots of good hotels and motels near the Beijing National Stadium. Here are some motels I recommend: (1). Beijing Aomengsi, North Huizonglu, Huiyindasha. (2). Anzhou motel: 416 Huizonglu. By the way, the ticket price for the Beijng National Stadium is 50 rmb.

2. Water cube: It is the swimming center for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and is very close to the Beijing National Stadium(about 5 minutes’ walk). Cost: 30 rmb. (You can find more information about Beijing flights and China vacations at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM)

3. Beijing Olympics Basketball Stadium: It is the stadium for the basketball games of 2008 Beijing Olympics. You can get here by bus(996,983,982,981,967,952,913,817,751,740,728,693,689,624,620,436,373,370,337,64 to the bus stop named “Wukesong”). The subway is also a good choice and you will need to get off at the stop named “Wukesong”. There are a lot good restaurants near this stadium. Here are some restaurants I like: (1). Baiwanzhuangxican: East of Wukesong Bridge, Kangxin Tower. (2). Jianbinshifu: South of Wukesong Bridge, Jianbin building. (3). Jufupinshangpin: 79 Fuxinlu, West of Wukesong Bridge.


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