China Changzhou Dinosaur Town Travel Guide And Tips

The Changzhou Global Dinosaur Town, covering an area of 100 hectares, is a new tourism landmark of East China specially created by the professional Dragon City Tourism Holding Group in 15 years. Located in the very center of Changzhou Creative Industry Base, the town integrates the theme park, culture performance, hot spring, recreational business and animation creation together. It includes finished projects such as China Dinosaur Land, Oak Bay (Golf) Garden Hotel, Water Trip of Three Rivers Three Parks and Dino-valley Hot Spring; and some projects in process like Kooca Suka Canyon City (the third period of the Dinosaur Land) and Dinosaur Town Theater; as well as other projects in plan such as Dino Water Town, Time City, Health Care Center and Commercial Estate.

Oriental Jurassic, China Dinosaur Land:
This is the happy paradise of dinosaurs, a theme park of fashion and excitement. Kooca Suka, Lubura, Funny Dinosaur Town, Return to the Jurassic six exciting theme areas; Fire Dragon Revelry, Brontosaurus Roller Coaster, Exploration of the Battle Array of Hurricane Stone, Traversing Jurassic, King Kong, Jet Tower, Smart Shuttlemore than 50 theme attractions lead you to the extreme storm; The China Dinosaur Museum treasures up more than 50 national treasured dinosaur fossils, among which Sinosauropteryx, Shangtungosaurus Giganteus and Lufengosaurus Huenei are the treasures of the museum; In the original mysterious Jurassic rainforest, the huge dinosaur family awaits the arrival of explorers; the large scale music play “Lule’s going home” and Dinosaur Kingdom float parade and make you enjoy a fantastic visual trip!

No. 1, Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu, China.

0519-85120812, 85116668.

(1). From Nanjing to the Global Dinosaur Town: Take the Highway Huning, get off at Exit 15 (Changzhou Jiangyin Exit).
(2). From Shanghai to the Global Dinosaur Town: Take the Highway Yanjiang then transfer to Highway Huning at the Exit 12 (Huning Exit).

What to eat:
There is a snack street in the Global Dinosaur Town and you can find all kinds of delicious Changzhou food (Changchunbulaoqianqiu, Shaguoyutou, Jidoufuru, Zhenzhupidong, Jiaoyefengzhua, Zhimayupai, Huaguofenzhong, Changzhou Zaokourou) here. Some people recommend these three restaurants: Changxinglou, Detaiheng, Fuji.

You can find lots of dinosaur toys here, like the dinosaur cup, dinosaur pot, dinosaur photo frame, etc. If you wanna buy some local crafts, these are your good choices: Damagao, Matisu, Zhimatang, Changzhou Luobogan, Chaye, Liuqimushu, Dengxinrongbu, Luanzhencixiu, Liuqingzhuke, Liyaobaiqing, Liyangfenge, Tianmuhuyutou, Changdanghu Pangxie, Banli, Yanshanshun, Wumifan.

Admission fees:
160 rmb for the China Dinosaur Land, 168 rmb for the Dino-valley Hot Spring.

(1). You will need to wait in a long line to get tickets if you come here in the holidays. You can book your tickets online to save some money and time. One bad thing about online booking is that you can not buy kids’ tickets online.
(2). This Dinosaur Town is a good place for the kids. It is a lot of fun for them.
(3). The food in Dinosaur Town is very expensive. You can bring some snacks in your bag.
(4). Some games in the Dinosaur Town have a limit for the height and this means some small kids can not play.
(5). Lots of people recommend a game named 4D roller coaster. Very specail and worth a try.
(6). Remember to check the weather forecast for your Dinosaur Town travel. It will be a boring trip if you come here in a raining day.