China Vacations And Beijing Flights Info – Shopping In Beijing

As a Beijinger, I am here to recommend you some cool places for your shopping in Beijing:

1. Guanyuan market:
It is like the outlet in the U.S. and you can get very good deals here. This place is many people’s first choice if they wanna do some shopping in Beijing. You can get all kinds of stuffs here:clothings,dresses,shoes,boots,handbags,t-shirts,etc. The address is: 7th St. Guyuan, Beijing.

2. Dongsi:
The clothings in the northern street of Dongsi are mainly in the casual style and very personalized. In the stores of the southern street of Dongsi, they sell the professional dresses. The stuffs in Dongsi is not bad and you can get very good deals if you are good at bargaining. The only bad comments I got is that some shop owners are snobbish.

3. Jiayi fashion square:
It is in the opposite of Kunlun Hotel and close to Yansha Shopping Mall. There are some stores selling imported goods here and the price is a little bit high comparing with other places in Beijing. These stores are in very good business and you can not bargain here. 🙂

4. Xidan Huawei:
This place is pretty cool and I will recommend the stores in the 7th floor. You can get many cool stuffs there if you have very good tastes in clothings.

5. Zhongliang square:
There is a store named “New Romance” in Zhongliang square. I like it although it is not a cheap store. Another notable store here is called “Hot Wind”. It is a shoes store. The shoes there are very fashionable and the price is pretty reasonable. It is always in very good business and I once met a famous Chinese pop star Mangjiang in the “Hot Wind”.

6. Wudaokou:
Most stores here sell the Korean and Japanese style clothings. You can get very good deals if you are good at bargaining. There is also a cinema named “Wudaokou Cinema” here. The Beijing Language and Culture University is here and lots of Korean and Japanese students live here. This is why the stores here all choose to sell the clothings in Korean or Japanese style.

7. Zoo market:
It is another famouse outlet in Beijing. This market is close to the Beijing Zoo and you can find lots of good stuffs here. I like the Korean style clothings here and everything here is very cheap.

8. Lady’s Street:
It is close to the embassy areas of Beijing. The most popular clothings here are in the Korean and Japanese style. I like a little store here named “MP3 Korean Clothings”. It sells the sportswears and many Korean and Japanese customers visit here too.