China Vacations Info – Hongkong Disney Travel Guide

The Hongkong Disney Park is not a big park and one day should be enough for your Hongkong Disney travel.

1. How to get in?
The Hongkong government put a lot of effort in the building of this Disney Park. Now you can have 2 convenient ways to get to this park:

(1). By Jiutiekuaixian (Disney Line): Taking this Disney Line, you can get to the Hongkong Disney Park from Guangzhou and get back to Guangzhou in the same day. The train will enter Hongkong through Luohu custom. If you choose this way to get to Hongkong Disney, you can take the Jiutiekuaixian train from Luohu to Shangshui first, then transfer a bus to Disney. The trip will take 1 hour and the cost is HK $ 70 (for the kid at 3-11 years old and seniors above 65, the cost is HK $ 50, no need for an ID to get this discount ). Here is some info about the bus service (Shangshui to Hongkong Disney Park): Office hours of Shangshui Bus Service is 9:00 – 13:00, available every 30 minutes. To get back from Hongkong Disney to Shangshui, the bus service is available at 13:00, 17:00, 18:00. After 18:00, the bus is available at: 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, etc. The last bus back to Shangshui is available at one hour after the Disney firework show.

(2). By subway of Hongkong. The Hongkong subway system is very mature and convenient. The cost is low and tickets discount is available for the kids and seniors. To get to the Hongkong Disney Park, you can take the subway to the station named “Xin ao” (in the Dongyong Line) first, then transfer to the Subway Disney Line. The trains in this Line is decorated in the Disney style, pretty cool, 🙂

Some tips:
(1). If you choose the Jiutiekuaixian (Disney Line), you’d better sit in the 10th, 11th or 12th carriage of the train. They are closer to the waiting room of the bus service than other carriages and you can save some time.

(2). If you sit in the right side of the bus (from Shangshui to Disney), you will see the TSING Ma Bridge of Hong Kong. It is the world’s longest road-rail bridge. You will need to sit in the left side to see this bridge in the way back to Shangshui of course.

(3). When you get off the Jiutiekuaixian (Disney Line), you will see a box office. A lot of people wait in a line there. Do not waste your time here because it is the box office of the subway. The box office of the Disney Park is several hundred meters away from here.

2. About the tickets of the Hongkong Disney Park:
The ticket price for the adult is: HK $ 295 (regular days), 350 (specific days), 350 (specail days).
For the kids (3-11 years old): HK$ 210 (regular days), 250 (specific days), 250 (specail days).
For the seniors (above 65): HK $ 170 (regular days), 200 (specific days), 200 (specail days).
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Some tips:
(1). You will see a very long line in front of the box office of the Hongkong Disney Park. If you don’t want waste too much time waiting here, you should book your tickets online in advance.

(2). You can not bring food or drinks into the Disney Park (candies and cookies are ok). The Disney employees will check your bags at the entrance of this Disney Park.

3. About the fastpass:
You can get a free fastpass at the entrance of the Disney Park. There is info in this fastpass telling you when and where to use it.

4. About the firework show:
Although you can see the firework show in lots of places of the Disney Park, the best location is the square in front of the castle. You can have a better view of the Disney cartoon show here.

5. Food and drinks in Disney Park:
There are many restaurants in this Disney Park but they are a little bit expensive. HK $ 10 for a bottle of water, HK $ 45 for a dish of fried rice. The tourist souvenirs are expensive too. A pen will cost you HK $ 30. The Disney sun-hat is about HK $ 100. Disney Clown fish bag: HK $ 280.