China Vacations Information – Thai Restaurants In Beijing

The Thai food is lots of people’s favourite food and you can find many good Thai restaurants in Beijing. If you are not very familiar with the menus in Thai restaurants, you can try the house specails. They are the dishes recommended by the Thai chef and you will not be disappointed with them.

1. Red Basil Thai Restaurant:
Address: 8 Xinyuanli Nanxiaojiejia Street, Beijing.
How to get here: Take the Line 403, 302 or 300 city bus to the station named “Niuwangmiao”.
Capacity: 100 people.
House specials: Thai fried prawn cutlets (60 rmb), Thai hot and sour soup (40 rmb), Thai fried fish cutlets (60 rmb), Thai ginger flavor chicken soup ( 40 rmb ).
Some comments: One of my friends said that the Red Basil Thai Restaurant is the best Thai restaurant in Beijing. In my point of view, this restaurant is not a bad choice for a Thai food fan but it is a little bit expensive. This restaurant has been in good business for a long time now. It is close to the Nanyin Mansion and Yansha Mansion. The good location helps it to attracts more and more customers.

2. Water Lily (Hehua) Thai Restaurant:
Address: Guomao Center West SB124A, Beijing.
Tel: 65055386.
Capacity: 50 people.
House specials: Curry dishes (48 rmb), Thai hot and sour shrimp soup (66 rmb).
Some comments: You can find the native Thai food here and the delivery service is also available here (with reasonable price).

3. Saigon Inn:
Address: Gloria Plaza Hotel, Chaoyang districe, Beijing.
Capacity: 108 people.
House specials: Red Lion-head with Single Narial Bouquet (48 rmb), The peacock spreads its tail feathers (298 rmb), Sixiwanzi (98 rmb).

4. Asian Star Restaurant:
Address: 26 Dongsanhuanbeilu Street, Chaoyang district, Beijing.
Capacity: 150 people.
House specials: Kashao Tofu (28 rmb), Indian Ka Chicken (35 rmb), Masalaka (35 rmb). ( more info about the China vacations, Beijing flights and Lhasa travel at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM )

5. Panqumei Thai Restaurant (South-east Asian Dishes, sea food):
Address: 25 Xiaoyunlu Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
How to get here: Take the Line 300 city bus to the station named “Jingxin Mansion”.
Capacity: 40 – 50 people.

6. Changtaiyuan Thai Restaurant (South-east Asian Dishes):
Address: 8 Fangzhuanglu Street, Fengtai District, Beijing.
How to get here: Take the Line 63, 12, 112, 52 to the station named “Fangzhuang”.
Capacity: 120 people.
House specials: Curry Chicken (30 rmb for the small dish and 40 rmb for the big dish), Xianglanye Fried Chicken (38 – 48 rmb), Hot and sour shrimp soup (68 – 88 rmb), Thaizhishadie (39 – 45 rmb).
Comments: The food here is the native Thai food and all the spices are from Thailand. The chef here is one of the top 10 Thai food chefs in Thailand. This place is your good choice if you wanna have some real Thai food in Beijing. ( Useful info for your China vacations if you are a Thai food fan. 🙂 )