China Vacations Info – Skin Care Tips For Lhasa Travel

Lhasa has a very high altitude and this makes the ultraviolet radiation very strong here.(closer to the sun than other places in the world) The skin protection issue in Lhasa is a big concern for most travellers. Here I will talk about the tips for your skin care in Lhasa.

First, you will need to know the type of your skin and prepare all the necessary stuffs for your Lhasa travel like: sunscreen,moiseuriz,etc. Second, A complete skin care process is helpful if you find some skin issues after the Lhasa travel.

Generally, there are three types of skin: oily skin,normal skin and dry skin. You should understand this concept first. The choosing of the right skin products is based on a good understanding of your own skin.

From the scientific researches, we know that the No.1 skin killer is the ultraviolet radiation. This horrible radiation will accelerate the aging of the skin. Lhasa is famous of its high altitude and dry climate. This makes the ultraviolet radiation in Lhasa much more stronger than other non-tableland places. The Lhasa travel is not easy and your will need to care more about your skin in this “roof of the world”.

Comfort is the highest priority for your travel. The loose casaul clothings will be very good choice for your Lhasa travel. You can wear a hat or bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet radiation in Lhasa. Long time exposure in the sun will make you dizzy. Your skin will be severely damaged by the ultraviolet radiation and some travellers even got dermatitis here in Lhasa. Sunscreen is a must have in Lhasa and the SPF should be at least 15. You need to use the sunscreen to protect your skin that is exposed to the sun. Because you will sweat here in Lhasa, you’d better smear the sunscreen on your skin every one or two hours. Another important thing for the travellers to realize is the protection of your lips. The Tibetan climate is very dry and the lipstick is also a must have for your Lhasa travel.

In Lhasa, your skin will grow some flecks if you are exposed to the sun for a long time. The flecks will appear in the face and neck usually. If you find these annoying flecks in your Lhasa travel, the best way to deal with this problem is to finish a complete skin care process. It is easier to remove these flecks if you can do this repairing process on time.