China Vacations Travel Guide – Shenzhen Travel Info

Shenzhen is a city of sub-provincial administrative status in southern China’s Guangdong province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. Owing to China’s economic liberalization under the policies of reformist leader Deng Xiaoping, the area became China’s first – and ultimately most successful – Special Economic Zone. The best time to visit Shenzhen is October – March (next year).

Eat in Shenzhen:
There are all kinds of restaurants in Shenzhen and the price is not high. The sea food here is very cheap comparing with other big Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc. If you are a student, you can find the delicious Guilin ground rice all over Shenzhen and it is only about 5 – 7 rmb. The Mcdonald’s and KFC are also very easy to find here in Shenzhen. For the big Chinese restaurants, you can try the special price dishes first. Sometimes you can get very good deals in these places (Young pigeon for 8 rmb, 1 kilogramme of shrimp for 16 rmb) .

Hotels in Shenzhen:
If you have some friends working in the big companies of Shenzhen, you can ask them to book the hotels for you. Usually, the employees of these big Shenzhen companies can get very good deals for you (comparing with what you can get online). The hostel is another good option for you. I recommend the Zdwe Hostel of Shenzhen. It is located in: 16 Tonggulu Street, 5th floor of Zhonghelou building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The cost is very low here (only 20 rmb for one person). Here is the phone number: 0136 – 0253 – 5943.

Taxi and bus services in Shenzhen:
The taxi service is a little bit expensive in Shenzhen. The city bus is another good option for your Shenzhen travel. You can call the number – 160, if you don’t know which bus can take you to your destination. The buses in Shenzhen are all self-service ticketing buses and you will need to prepare some coins for them. The services of these buses are not bad and you can ask the bus driver to tell you when and where to get off. ( From Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM, you can get more info about the China vacations, Lhasa travel and Beijing flights. )

The scenic spots of Shenzhen:
(1). Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches:
Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches are located at Dapeng Bay. Dubbed “Hawaii of the East,” the beaches are popular recreational areas during holidays.

(2). Overseas Chinese Town:
Located in the western part of Shenzhen, Overseas Chinese Town embraces the theme parks of Window of the world, Splendid China, China Folk Culture Villages and Happy Valley. The parks feature a wide variety of replicas of natural scenery and historical architecture, reflecting the essence of traditional Chinese and international culture. The area serves as a model for the city in urban planning, construction and horticulture.

(3). Shennan Thoroughfare:
Running through downtown Shenzhen and extending 17.2km, Shennan Thoroughfare is one of the busiest streets in Shenzhen. Many landmark buildings are along this street. It is also a representation of Shenzhen’s night scenery.