China Xixi National Wetland Park Travel Guide

Xixi Wetland Park is located in the western part of Hangzhou City, only 6 kilometres from the downtown of Hangzhou – Wulin Gagte, and 5 kilometres from West Lake. Xixi was created during Han and Jin Dynasty, developed during Tang and Song Dynasty, flourished during Ming and Qing Dynasty, declined during the Republican Period, and revived in Modern Times.

In history, Hangzhou is famous for its “Three Xi’s” – “West Lake (Xihu), Xixi, Xiling”. Xixi covered about 60 square kilometres, and the overall area of protected Xixi Wetland is about 11.5 square kilometres. It has ten famous viewspots, including Autumn Snow, Gaozhuang Villa, Water-Surrounded Fishing Village, Riverside Music, Boating in Ponds, Plum Blossom, Flaming Persimmon Mirrored on the River, Egret on Lotus Pond, Hong Garder, and Reeds in the Moonlight. It is also famous for the three dikes – “Fu Dike, Green Dike, and Shou Dike”.

Xixi is the only wetland in the country that incorporates urben wetland, rural wetland and cultural wetland, and it is the first national wetland park in China as well.

Xixi Wetland consists of five thematic cultural elements – “Buddhism, Seclusiveness, Secularity, Leisure, Wildness”. The four sections of the wetland feature. “Seclusiveness in the South, Seclularity in the North, Prosperity in the East, Quietness in the West”.

The Essentials of Xixi Culture are “One Garden and Five Places”: Hong Garden, Place of Premiere of Yue Opera, Place for Writers of Ci, Birth Place of the Water Margins Story, Leisure Place for Literati, Concentrated Place of Local Customs.

Xixi National Wetland Park Tel:0571-88106789
Address: No. 518 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou, China.

Exits and Entrance of the Park:
(1). Main Exit and Entrance at Zhoujia Village (No. 518 Tianmushan Road)
(2). Exit and Entrance at Gao Village (Huajiang Crossing, Tianmushan Road)
(3). Exit and Entrance at North Gate (Wen’er West Road)

(1). K506: North of Wulin Gate – Xixi National Wetland Park – Yuhang.
(2). K193: Yellow Dragon Transit Central Stop – Xixi National Wetland Park – Shima.
(3). K310: Luojia Village – Xixi National Wetland Park – Shima.
(4). Y13: Xixi National Wetland Park – Lingyin.
(5). Tour Line 1: Yellow Dragon Tourist Distribution Center – Xixi National Wetland Park.

Self-driving Line:
Hangzhou City Loop West Line 11 (Liuxia Exit), 1000 meters straight on Tianmushan Road.

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