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There are 4 municipality (directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government) in China and they are: Beijing, Shanghai,Tianjin and Chongqing. Chongqing is the biggest city in South-West China. It occupies 82,300 square kilometers and its population is 30,220,000. Here is some useful info for your Chongqing, China travel: Tel area code is 023 for Chongqing; Zip code is 400000; Tel for the Chongqing Tourism Bureau is 89033055; Chongqing Tourist Complaint Telephone is 96927.

Language of Chongqing

The Chongqing people speak Sicuan dialect but you will find no problem in communication if you speak Mandarin Chinese here. Chongqing is one of the 4 municipality of China and Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Chongqing. ( More info about China travel guide, China vacations, China travel tips at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot Com )

How to get in?

You can get here by train, by bus or by air. I will recommend you to get in by air because Chongqing is called the “mountain city” in China. You can save a lot of time if you choose to take the plane. There are airlines connecting Chongqing with more than 40 big cities of China. The Chongqing Jiangbei Airport is about 23 kilometers away from the downtown of Chongqing. The cost is about 50 rmb if you take a taxi from the airport to the downtown of Chongqing. Another option is the airport bus and the cost is 10 rmb.

The traffic condition of Chongqing

Because Chongqing is the “mountain city” of China, you will not find bikes here. This is very different with other big cities of China. The public transportation is very advanced here in Chongqing. You can get anywhere you want by city bus, tourist bus,subway or taxi. Here are some useful Chongqing, China travel tips: (1). ALTO is the most popular taxi car in Chongqing. Its flag-fall price is 5 rmb and the cost is 1.2 rmb for one kilometer. The VW Santana is another choice for the taxi service in Chongqing and the cost is 1.6 rmb for one kilometer. (2). In Chongqing, you will need to pay for the high way fee if you go through a high way by taxi. The cost is 10 rmb for each time. Another extra fee for the taxi is the waiting fee: 0.6 rmb for every 5 minutes. (3). The city buses are in the same price in Chongqing. (4). The city bus with air condition will cost you an extra 0.5 rmb AC fee, comparing with the city bus without AC. (5). The Chongqing subway can take you from the Chongqing Zoo to the Daping. The train goes through the downtown of Chongqing and the cost is 8 rmb for one person.( More info about China travel guide, China vacations, China travel tips at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot Com )