Travel guide to Beijing, China – Cinemas

There are a lot of Cinemas in Beijng. You can visit one if you like. ( 28.HuaXing cinema is my favourite.: -) )

1.Poly Theater,tel:65001188-5682
2.ShouDu Cinema,tel:65250996
3.ShiZiPo Cinema,tel: 64169253
4.Children’s Cinema,Tel:65129689
5.DongChengTuShuGuan Cinema,tel:64042764
6.Star Cinema,tel: 64043159
7.Beijing Worker’s stadium,tel:64031596
8.Changhong Cinema,tel:64016357
9.Dahua Cinema,tel:65250343
10.Xicheng District People’s Theater,tel:66181634
11.BeiZhan Cinema,tel: 68351592
12.Xinjiekou cinema,tel:66152241
13.Beijing Qingnian Gong Theater,tel: 66152241
14.DiZhi cinema,tel:66168376
15.HongLou cinema,tel:66013112
16.Victory Theater,tel: 66175091 cinema,tel:66057574
18.WangSheng theater,tel: 63037449
19.DaGuanLou Cinema,tel:63030878
20.Guang’An Men cinema,tel:63522713
21.ZhongHuaYuLeGong cinema,tel:63034485
22.Maple Motor Cinema,tel:64349280
23.Chaoyang Theater,tel:65071818
24.ShuGuang theater, tel:67364365
25.YingXie cinema,tel: 64207759
26.MuOuJuYuan cinema,tel:64254849
27.ZiGuang cinema,tel:65022006
28.HuaXing cinema,tel:62612850


By Shane Lee


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