Good places for dessert in Beijing – china travel guide, china vacations, china travel tips

If you are a fan of the sweet food (like cakes,cookies,fruits,pastries,ice cream,candies), here are some good places for you:

1. Wenyu Cheese:

Wenyu Cheese is located in 49 Nanluoguxiang Street, Dongcheng district,Beijing. It has the famous cheese and syrup of plum in Beijing. It is hard to tell which one is more famous, the Nanluoguxiang Street or the Wenyu Cheese? Lots of Beijing white collar workers like this little store (only 10 square meters). The cost here is low and the dessert is delicious. It is always in very good bussiness and you will have to wait in line if you wanna try some dessert here. The boss of Wenyu Cheese if a chef from the Beijing Sanyuanmeiyuan. In all of the dessert here, I will recommend the syrup of plum. It is a traditional Chinese drink and you will not be able to find it in other places.

2. Helemi Dessert:

In Beijing, it is not hard to find dessert stores. But they are very similar and none of them can make profits by just selling dessert. There is a small dessert store in the famous Guijie street and it only serves dessert. It is many young people’s favourite. The cost here is not low (about 16 rmb for one dish), but the dessert here is pretty good and I think it is worth it. Here is the address: Hehuashichang, Dianwen, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

3. Bellagio Cafe:

It started it business from the year of 2000 in Beijing. Its first store is in Shanghai. Now the Ballagio Cafe has more than 20 stores in China. It is a combination of fashion,taste and pop. You can get the traditional Taiwanese food and the new concept Sicuan food here. The dessert here is the most famous thing of course. In Beijing, some people think this place is a little bit expensive. But you can get very good deals here if you choose the right time to visit this place. (only 30 rmb for one person) Here is the address: 87 Jianguolu street, Xinguangtiandi, Chaoyang District,Beijing.

4. Azabu Jyuban Sabo:

From the name, you can know it is a Japanese store. It has more than 30 years of history in Japan. You can find the Azabu Jyuban Sabo in the famous Dongfang Square of Beijing. I will recommend the “tomato icecream” here. You will love it !

5. Fruits Pop:

The fruits pop means “fruits and ice”. This is the best food in summer. In Hong Kong the fruits pop is also called “fruitymixed”. The address of this store is: 1st floor of the Taipingyuangbaihuo, Beijing.