East Lake Hubei China Travel Guide

East Lake Park is located in the eastern suburb of Wuchang in Hubei, the predecessor is the home “sea-light argricultural farm” of the famous vocal educator Miss Zhou Xiaoyan, it has been turned into park after the liberation, in 1982 this area was listed as key national scenic spots by the State Council in 1982.

East Lake twists and turns, with graceful figures, the area is six times as large as the Hangzhou West Lake. The beautiful landscape of boundless waves, castle peak surrounding, the mountains and rivers well blending are the true portrayal of East Lake , in the spring of 1954, when the proletarian revolutionist Zhu De visited the East Lake and made the inscription: “The West Lake is better than East Lake temporory, but the East Lake will be stronger in the future”. The park is divided into six major scenic spots which are Ting Tao, Mo Shan, Luo Yan, White Horse, Luo Hong and Chui Di, the major scenic spots have fable Park, the musical fountain, Hang Yin Club, Changtian building, nine women pier, Huguang Club, Shui Tian Yi Se, Qu Di Ling Bo and etc.We can take the boat on the various piers beside the lake to the opposite side Mo Shan Botanical Garden for playing.

East Lake also has rich plant resources, a large block of redwood forests, and the “Chunlan, Xiahe, Qiugui and Dongmei” is also very famous.

The East Lake scenic area covers an area of 87 square kilometers, of which the water area is about 33 square kilometers. The lake has bending banks. With continuous mountains on the south bank and hills on east and west banks, the north bank is flat. Over 70 various constructions were built along the lake, including pavilions, terraces, and towers, together with more than 2 million species of trees.

According to different natural environments, the scenic area can be divided into 6 parts, namely listen to rotes, Mill Hill, fallen wild goose, white horse, piping, and Luohong, among which scenic spots in the listen to rotes area are near each other. Walking through the Huangliwan Gate of the East Lake, one will find the listen to rotes area. With weeping willows along the lake, this area, surrounded by stretching mountains, has a lotus pond. one can also find a number of yachts berthed along the bank. Main scenic spots and constructions in this area include the Xingyin Pavilion, the Changtian Building, Jiunudun Monument, and the Huguang Pavilion. The Xingyin Pavilion was built to commemorate patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Built on a mid-lake island between Lotus Wind and Fallen Feather bridges, the three-storeyed pavilion features a traditional national architectural style, with green tiles and round columns.

East Lake Admission fees:
Mo Shan scenic area: RMB 40 Yuan, Ting Tao scenic area: RMB 30 Yuan.

East Lake located in Wuhan city area, which is near to airport, bus station and quay, and only 8 kilo meters far away from Wuchang train station, 12 kilo meters far away from Wu Han Guan port, 30 kilo meters far away from Wu Han Sky River airport. More than 10 bus routes shuttle through East Lake and City, bus 515, 36, 402, 401, 413 to Mo Shan scenic spot; bus 8, 14, 102, 537, 578, 605, 701, 712, 411, 108 to Ting Tao scenic spot.