Guangzhou Crocodile Park Travel Guide And Tips

Guangzhou Crocodile Park is one component of the larger Chimelong Tourism Resort. With over 2000 acres in area and over 100 thousand crocodiles, the park is the largest crocodile-themed amusement park in the world. Guangzhou Crocodile Park consists of seven different areas and brings the guests an astonishing experience of standing among 100 thousand crocodiles.

Opened in 2004 and covering thousands mu, Guangzhou Crocodile Park is a comprehensive theme park integrating crocodile appreciation, science education, ecological farm and performance of various animals. It is also the world’s largest crocodile farm with nearly 100,000 crocodiles, accounting for over 70% of the total crocodiles of the country. The park is divided into seven areas, including Area of Science and Knowledge, Central Interactive Area, Growth Demonstration Area, Amusement Area and Entertainment & Business Area.

Jiang Taigong’s Fishing (with Crocodiles):
This is the most exciting thing in this Crocodile Park. You can do the crocodile fishing using some chicken. It is not the real fishing of course, just playing with the crocodiles. But you can see hundreds of crocodiles in the lake, attracted by your chicken. This can be an unforgetable experience for you. (cost 10 rmb for one time)

Life of a Crocodile:
Do you know that a crocodile’s gender depends on temperature? Crocodile eggs incubated at 28-30 C produce mostly females whereas eggs incubated at 32-34 C produce mostly males.The whole Crocodile Park is in effect a “Crocodile Town” built according to crocodiles’ different ages, body forms and uses. Among all the high-class flats, there are flats for the single, palace-like flats and flats which are warm in winter and cool in summer. The complete course of life of crocodiles-incubation, growing and breeding-will be fully presented. If you are lucky, you can even witness the hatching out of crocodile babies in the incubation room.

(1). Take a bus to the Chimelong Paradise from downtown Guangzhou.
(2). Take the free shuttle bus to the Xiangjiang Safari Park.
(3). Take the free Crocodile Park shuttle bus to destination. (available every 30 minutes, 10:00-18:30).

Openning Hours:
Monday to Friday:9:30-18:00

Admission Fee:
RMB 60 for the adult, RMB 30 for the 1.2-1.5m child, and RMB 30 for the aged above 65 (with ID Certificate). Annual ticket: RMB 680.