Harbin Travel Information For Your China Vacations

Harbin is the capital of Helongjiang province and it is called the “ice city” of China. The famous “Harbin ice holidy” is hold every year and it attracts thousands of travellers here.

Harbin has a long history and its culture is very unique. This city is influenced by both the eastern and western cultures and you can see lots of Russian architectures here. Because of this, it is also called “East Paris” in Asia.

Eat in Harbin:
The Harbiners like to eat the uncooked vegetables and they believe that it is a better way to absorb the vitamins. An interesting thing I find in Harbin is that the people here like the cold dishes very much. Harbin has a long winter and it is very cold here. I don’t understand why they like to eat these cold dishes. 🙂
The food here is a little bit salty. I think this should have some kind of connections with the cold weather here. I recommend the Harbin red sausage (very delicious, I like it. ). Here are some good restaurants I found in Harbin(good food and services, price is reasonable):
(1). Laoduyichu: 25 Daolixishisandaojie, Harbin.
(2). Dongfangjiaoziwang dumpling: 39 Zhongyangdajie, Harbin.

Hotels and Motels in Harbin:
It is a good choice to live in a hotel near the Zhongyangdajie Street. You can do shopping at anytime you want if you live in a place near this famous business street of Harbin.
(1). Tianzhidajiudian Hotel: 160 Zhongyangdajie Street, Harbin.
(2). Songhuajiangkailai Hotel: 257 Zhongyangdajie Street, Harbin.
(3). Xiaoshanshu Hostel: 83 Xuefulu Street, Nangang District, Harbin. ( this is a good option for you if you are looking for some place cheap. )

Airlines to Harbin:
The Harbin Taiping International Airport is the second largest airport in north east China. There are airlines connecting Harbin directly with Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qindao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Xian, Hongkong, ect (more than 30 big cities in China). Flights to U.S. Russia, Korea, Japan and Singapore are also available here. (more info about China vacations, Beijing flights and Lhasa travel at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM)

Taxi service in Harbin:
The price of the taxi service is not low in Harbin (comparing with other cities in China). For the Xiali(a Chinese auto brand) taxicab, the flag-fall price is 7 rmb(for the first 3 kilometers). You will need to pay 1.6 rmb for one kilometer after these 3 kilometers. For the Volkswagen Jetta taxicab, the flag-fall price is 8 rmb(for the first 3 kilometers). After these 3 kilometers, you will need to pay 1.9 rmb for one kilometer.

Some tips:
It is very cold here in Harbin and you can buy a “Xuedixie” (snow boots) here. It is only 20 rmb.
If you wanna go skiing in Harbin. The Yabuli Skiiing Ground is not a bad choice. The coach will cost you 200 rmb. Usually they will not ask you for the tips and it is ok to skip this part in China. (You can pay 50-100 rmb as tips if you are really satisfied with his/her services, 🙂 )
Shopping in the Zhongyangdajie Street is interesting. You can get good deals if you are good at bargaining. (sometimes you can get a better price in the shops which is a little bit far away from the center of the Zhongyangdajie Street.)
A map of Harbin will be very helpful for your Harbin travel.