Info For Your China Vacations – Italian Restaurants In Beijing

Beijing is an international city in China and you can find a lot of good Italian restaurants here.

1. Trattoria La:

This restaurant is located in a 5 stars hotel. The Italian food here is genuine and the eating surroundings are pretty good. You can watch the live band shows here. In most Chinese people’s mind, this place is a good choice to throw a big party with the foreign guests. The cost here is not low, especially for the red wines. Eating in this place will be a good experienc for your China vacations. Its breads and appetizers are delicious. I like the sea food macaroni (95 rmb) and pizza (75 – 98 rmb) here very much. Their services are not bad, especially for the foreign customers. 🙂

The average cost for one person is about 280 rmb here. 35 rmb for the Qingdao beer. 35 rmb for the tea. Here is the address: 50 Liangmaqiaolu Street, 1st floor of the Main Store Of Yansha, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Tel: 64653388-5707. (useful china vacations info)

2. Panino Teca:

This restaurant’s logo is very attractive. It is the Chinese letter “” made with three colors: red, white and green. These three colors are from the Italian national flag. Pretty cool, right? Its decorations are in the concise style. The waiters and waitresses here are nice. I will recommend its ciabatta bread. The cheese cakes here are all made with the genuine Italian cheese. You can see lots of foreign customers here every day. They are from the embassies nearby and you will get a feeling that you are not eating in a restaurant in China. Panino Teca is a very good place for you to have some real Italian food in Beijing. 🙂

Here is the address: 1 Sanlitunbeixiaojie Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Tel: 84541797.(info for your china vacations and travel)

3. Adria:

Its chefs – GIUSEPPE and RAFFAELE – are both very good chefs from Italy. You can have plenty of choices here: more than 140 types of Italian food. Just for the pizzas, they have 28 different types for you to choose. This place is the favourite of most Italians living in Beijing. There are only 1,000 Italians here in Beijing and Adria’s waiters or waitresses can recognize almost every Italian people in this city. I like the sea food spaghetti(68 rmb) here. It is very genuine and delicious.

The average cost here is 110 rmb for one person. 17 rmb for the Qingdao beer. 20 rmb for the tea. Here is the address: 16 Xinyuanjie Street (close to the Jingcheng Mansion), Chaoyang District, Beijing. Tel: 64600896 / 64647362.(info for your china vacations and tours)

4. Hutong Pizza:

This is a little restaurant but you can see the mix of the western and eastern culture here. Hutong is like a logo of the old Beijing city and Pizza is also like a symbol for the Italian food. All the food here are made by hand and are more delicious than the fast food restaurants in Beijing. Its salad dressing is unique and you will need to try it at least once. The Italian dumpling is like the mix of the Chinese dumpling and the Italian pizza. Very interesting. You can try its Italian sausage(56 rmb) and vegetable pizza(58 rmb) too.

The average cost here is about 50 rmb for one person. 15 rmb for the Qingdao beer. 20 rmb for the tea. Here is the address: 9 Yingdingqiao Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing, China. Tel: 66175916.