Kung Fu Martial Arts Info – Shiming Zhou

Shiming Zhou, the boxing champion (gold medal winner of the 48 kg level boxing game) of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, arrived at Chongqing (a big city in south west China) on 04/22/2009. He is here to prepare for the National Games of China. In his eyes, this National Games is a piece of cake. His goal is to become the first professional boxer of China. In the year of 2009, his career theme is the National Games of China, but his long term goal is the boxing rings of Las Vegas or the New York Madison Square Garden. “I wanna be a good representative of China, just like Yao Ming.” Zhou said. (info for the kung fu martial arts fans)

Actually, this is not the first time for Zhou to visit Chongqing. He has some good friends here. “This is the second time for me to be here to attend the boxing games. But I once drove a car to Chongqing by myself as a tourist. To tell the truth, I did not have much fun here last time because of the time limit. Buy I am already in love with this city. Chongqing is very beautiful and you can find many delicious food here. I am planning to stay here for a few days after the National Games.” Zhou said.

When Shiming Zhou arrrived at Chongqing, he only did the boxing training for one time. He is very confident about his boxing skills and he even spent some spare time to hang out with his old friends in the night. All his friends are very proud of Zhou and they all believe that Zhou will win the gold medal in this National Games for sure.

“I haven’t attent the Chinese boxing games for serveral years now. I am not so familiar with the rules of the National Games any more.” Zhou said. When the news reporter asked him about Yongsheng Qing – his opponent of the first boxing game. He said: “To be honest, I do not know much about him, but I am not worring about the games. I have maintained my good phyisical conditons since the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and I am confident about myself. I did not even think about the strategy when I enter the top 8 in this game. To try my best or not in this game is my coach’s decision, not mine.” (useful kung fu martial arts info)

Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, Zhou made a career plan: Win the Olympics gold medal first, then move to the professional boxing rings and become a professional boxer. Zhou acomplished his first goal, but the dream of becoming a professional boxer has to be postponed because of the National Games of China. “But I will never give up my dream.” Zhou said.

“I wanna move to the professional boxing rings for sure, but this is not just a decision of myself. I also need to listen to the advices from my coach and the leaders of the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC). The permission from the GASC is a must have for him to move to the professional boxing rings.

Someone said : “Once Zhou become a professional boxer, he will be another representative of China in the world.” Zhou only responded this with a smile. “First, I need to get the chance to stand in the professional boxing rings. I must try my best to get good grade in the games, so I can win the supports from the 1.3 billion Chinese people. I wanna be a guy like Yao Ming for sure. He is the pride of China.” Zhou said.

Here is a resume of Shiming Zhou: (useful kung fu martial arts and boxing info)

Gender: Male.
Sports type: 48 kg boxing.
Weight: 48 kg.
Date of birth: 05/18/1981.
Height: 165 cm.
Coath: Chuanliang Zhang.
Best grades: God medal of the 2005 World Boxing Championships , God medal of the 2007 World Boxing Championships.
Career path: Start boxing trainings in 1996. Entered the Zhunyi Sports School in 1997. Entered the Guizhou Province Team in 1997. Entered the National Team of China in 1999.