Lhasa Travel Info For Your China Vacations – Some Tips

Some tips for your Lhasa travel:

1. Do I need to bring some food for my Lhasa travel?
It is a good choice to bring some food for your travel. Most travellers don’t like the local food in Lhasa,Tibet. You can bring some food you like for your Lhasa travel (chocolate,cookie,etc). The gum is also a good thing and it can help you to alleviate the possible headache in a high altidue place like Lhasa. If you are travelling by yourself or going to do an adventure travel in Tibet, you’d better bring some compact biscuit. This can be very helpful for your Lhasa travel or Tibet travel.

2. Shopping in Lhasa,Tibet:
If you wanna buy some specail Tibetan products here, the best place is the Bajiao Street. You can get all kinds of stuffs here. One thing I need to mention is that you may buy some fake items in this market. Usually, these fake items are easy to identify. You can get very good deals here if you are good at bargaining. Sometimes you can get 60-70 percent off. 🙂 For the Tibetan medicines, you don’t need to buy it in Bajiao Street. Most Tibetan medicines here are fakes and the best place to buy them is the Tibetan Medicine Store or Tibetan Medicine Market in Lhasa. You can not bargain in these places of course. If you wanna get some fruits in Lhasa, the first choice is the Zongjiaolukang Market – the biggest fruits market of Lhasa. It is close to the Potala Palace.

3. Do the Tibetan people speak mandarin Chinese?
In Lhasa or other big cities of Tibet, the Tibetan people have good education and they can understand the mandarin Chinese. You can communicate with them in Chinese. Most young Tibetan people can speak good mandarin Chinese. But if you are travelling to some small towns of Tibet, the people there can not understand the mandarin Chinese and the communication with them will be a big problem. Here is some useful Tibetan for you:
Thank you: Tujiqi.
No: Mindu.
I have no change: Maozimindu.
Sorry: Guanda.
Please: Gujiguji.
I am sick: Adaibimindu.
Please find a doctor for me: Anmuqicairelang.

4. Can I live in a Tibetan people’s home if I am not able to find a hotel or motel?
Yes, the Tibetan people are very hospitable and they will welcome you to stay in their homes. One thing you will need to pay attention is to respect their customs and culture. You can leave them some small gifts to show your appreciation when you leave.

5. Can I get the Internet access in Tibet?
Most cities of Tibet have the Internet bars. The cost is about 3-5 rmb for a hour and the Internet connection there is DDN (Digital Data Network) or ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).