Lhasa Travel Information For Your China Vacations – Lhasa Railway Station

The Lhasa railway station is located in the south west of Lhasa. It is 20 kilometers far away from the Potala Palace and its altitude is 3600 meters. Now the road from the Lhasa railway station to the downtown of Lhasa is much better than it used to be.

There is a 100 thousand square meters’ square in the north of the Lhasa railway station. The Lhasa railway station is built near a mountain and its decoration is in a traditional Tibetan style(mainly with 3 colors: white,red and yellow). It occupies 23.6 thousand square meters and is 22.9 meters high.

Entering the Lhasa railway station, you will find yourself in an ancient Tibetan palace. The hall is mainly decorated in red. 8 pillars are a very special feature of this hall. They are in a traditional Tibetan style and is fireproof because of some special chemical disposal. In the south east of the hall, there are three VIP waiting rooms and one soft seat waiting room. The booking office is in the west of the hall. You can buy the tickets for the train, plane and bus there. There are 10 service windows in the booking office. A big LED screen is used to show all kinds of travel information to the tourists.

In the second floor of the Lhasa railway station, you can find a small shopping center (fast food restaurant, cafés, small shops, etc). The regular waiting rooms is In the south of the second floor. It occupies 1760 square meters.(800 square meters for the soft seat waiting room and 700 square meters for the VIP waiting room)

There is also a small clinic in the Lhasa railway station. It is responsible for providing basic medical cares to the travellers.(altitude sickness,etc)

The Lhasa railway station has 6 platforms. 2 of them are backup platforms. 10 trains can enter the station synchronously. The total capacity of Lhasa railway station is 2700 travellers a day.