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tibetThis article is about the Tibet travel and Lhasa travel. You can find some helpful information in it if you are planning your trip to Tibet now.

Tibet is famous of its Buddhism culture and all the Tibetan people are religious Buddhism follower. Because of this, there are many taboos(some knowledge of these will be helpful for your Lhasa travel or Tibet travel) here in Tibet.

1. If the guests visit a Tibetan home, the older people always get the priority to speak first. To show your respect to them, you can add a “LA” to the end of their names. Complaining to the strangers is unpolite in Tibet. When receiving gifts from the Tibetan people, always use your two hands.

2. Tibetan people have lots of Taboos in food. It is forbidden to eat the meat of donkey, horse or dog in Tibet. (Dog meat is the biggest taboo). Once a plate touches these meats, it will not be used again. The Tibetan people believe that having these meats will make their soul dirty and they will never go to heaven after death if they eat these meats. In some Tibetan areas, eating fish meats is a sin too. The Tibetan people worship the horse and regard it as the God representing the Road. Because of this, having the milk of the horse is also forbidden in Tibet.

3. When drinking wines with the Tibetan people, you should spray some wine to the air for 3 times, using your ring finger. This is to show your respect to the sky, earth and ancestor.

4. In the first day of every year in the Tibetan calender, house-cleaning is not allowed in Tibet. You can not eat food with stuffing in it. Can not cry, fight, dispute. Can not say “empty”, “nothing”, “illness”, “pain”, “death”, “killing”, “poor”, “no”, “bad luck”, etc. Tibetan people think these words as the bad signs for the new year. It is also forbidden to borrow things from other people in this day. (this will make the Tibetan family poor)

5. Killing wild animals is also a big taboo in Tibet. Tibetan people believe that it is a big sin to be brutal to the wild animals. They oppose the hunting of wild animals. (Travel 2 China Info . COM: We provide all kinds of information about Lhasa travel, Tibet travel and China vacations. )

6. In Tibet, do not spit or applaud in front of the Tibetan people. Do not shake the skirt. These actions will be thought as bad signs in Tibet. If you visit a Buddhism temple, do not walk from right to left.

7. Throwing the bones to the fire is also a taboo in Tibet. Tibetan people believe this will attract the ghosts. Whistling is also forbidden in Tibetan homes for the same reason. If there is some one sick, the Tibetan people will not invite guests to their home.

8. Bring white things out of a Tibetan home in the night is a sign of fortune losing in the future.

There are many other taboos in Tibet for sure, but do not worry about them too much. The Tibetan people are very hospitable and they will not be hostile to you if you make some little mistakes. They know that the tourist are from all over the world and have different cultures and customs. (You can get more information about Lhasa travel, Tibet travel and China vacations at : Travel 2 China Info . COM)

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