Lhasa Travel And Tibet Travel Info For Your China Vacations – Tibetan New Year

The Tibetan new year is a traditional holiday for the Tibetan people. It is the most important holiday in Tibet and is also a very good time for the travellers to visit Tibet. You will experience the unique culture of Tibet during this holiday.

The Tibetan new year starts from the 1st day (Tibetan calender) to the 15th day (Tibetan calender) of every year. In the ancient time, there was no Tibetan calender and the Tibetan people thought blossom of the peach tree as the start of a new year. In the year of 1027, the Tibetan calender began to get into the Tibetan people’s life and the 1st day of the Tibetan calender is regarded as the beginning of a new year. Nowadays the Tibetan new year is very similar with the Chinese lunar new year. Every Tibetan fimaly will prepare plenty of delicious food for this important holiday. “Luosazaxidele” is the Tibetan for “happy new year”. You can see a lot of interesting things during this holidy: Horse racing, toxophily, wrestling, etc.

Some basic Tibetan will be helpful for your Tibet travel:

Zaxidele: Wish you happy.
Tujiqi: thank you.
Rusodeboyinbi: How are you?
Minkare: What’s your name?
Kalipei: Good bye.
Guangda: Sorry.
Ni: buy.
Chong: sell.
Kongzeqinbo: It’s too expensive.
Bexiakazere: How much is this?
Nigeyin: I wanna buy this.
Beixia: Money.
Xiubadele: Good morning.
Qiuzudele: Good afternoon.
Gongzudele: Good evening.
Miguba: It is free.
Luguba: It is not free.
Meitunmei: I don’t agree with this.
Meitunyou: I agree.
Miguiba: I don’t want this.
Guiba: I want this.
Yabumeiba: No.
Yabu: OK.
Jiazenxiu: Ask.
Gabar: Telephone.
Rendu: Complain.
Zawanawa: Stomachache.
Suowana: Toothache.
Lujiaba: Cough.
Gowana: Headache.
Cangxiuerjia: Cold.
Cawajia: Fever.
Peisusama: Wecome dinner.
Jiuziri: Eat.

Here is a list of the ticket price in Tibet: (Information from the Tibet Tourism Bureau)

Potala Palace: 100 rmb.
Luobulinka: 60 rmb.
Dazhao Temple: 60 rmb.
Sela Temple: 45 rmb.
Gandan Temple: 40 rmb.
Zhebang Temple: 45 rmb.
Xiaozhao Temple: 20 rmb.

Zheshenlunbu Temple: 55 rmb.
Shajia Temple: 45 rmb.
Xialu Temple: 40 rmb.
Baiju Temple: 40 rmb.
Zongshankangyingyizhi: 30 rmb.
Zhuomalakang: 20 rmb.
Qude Temple: 20 rmb.
Datangtianzhushichumin: 15 rmb.

Sangye Temple: 40 rmb.
Changzhu Temple: 35 rmb.
Zangwangmu: 30 rmb.
Zhatang Temple: 25 rmb.
Langshailinzhuangyuan: 20 rmb.
Lajialiwanggong: 20 rmb.
Jirulakang: 20 rmb.
Sanggegutuo Temple: 20 rmb.
Jiduitufanmuqun: 20 rmb.

Lieshanmudi: 20 rmb.

Gugewangguoyizhi: 50 rmb.
Tuolin Temple: 35 rmb.
Kega Temple: 30 rmb.

Karuoyizhi: 25 rmb.


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