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Some people worried about the food in Lhasa, Tibet before they entered Tibet. Actually this is totally unnecessary. There are all kinds of Chinese restaurants and Western restaurants in Lhasa, Tibet. Nowadays the most popular food here in Lhasa is Sicuan food. The price is a little bit more expensive here in Lhasa than other provinces of China. But it is still acceptable.

Lhasa has lots of good restaurants and you don’t need to bring food here for your Lhasa travel. You can bring your favourite candies or cookies if you like. There are different types of food here in Lhasa: Tibetan food, Guangdong food, Northern food, Hunan food, Sicuan food, etc. Most tourists here like the Sicuan food most. (Sicuan is a neighbor of Tibet and its food is very famous in China)

There is a street named “Food and Snack Street” in Lhasa, Tibet and it is famous of its delicious food and snackes. You can find Huogo, Cuancai, Western food, Bars, Pubs and all kinds of Tibetan snacks here. Many tourists visit this street every year. By the way, the real name of the this street is Dejilu.

If you don’t wanna eat outside, you can choose the restaurant in your hotel. Most hotels in Tibet have the Sicuan food restaurants.

Here are some restaurants with good reputations in Lhasa: (You can visit one if you wanna try some unique Tibetan food here)
Yak Cafe in the Lhasa Hotel: You can find the genuine western food and many western movie stars’ pictures in this restaurant. There is also a specail Tibetan show named “Yak Dance” here. You can have the real Tibetan Kangba and Suyoucha here, which are the Tibetan people’s favourite food. This restaurant also provide delicious sea food.

Xueshen Palace: This restaurant is located in the west of Budala Palace and is the best Tibetan restaurant in Lhasa, Tibet. All the waitresses here are Tibetan girls. The food they provide is in the genuine Tibetan style. (Shengniuroujiang, Guangxuechang, Zhayangpai, Zangbaozi, Suannai, etc) Here is the phone number: 0891-9003803.

Guainiu salon restaurant: It is a traditional Tibetan restaurant and the decorations are very special. The address is : 101 Beijing Donglu. Tel: 0891-6336845.

Xueyu restaurant: It is located in : 4 Zangyiyuanlu. Their services are pretty good and the food they provide here is the traditional Tibeten food, western food and Nepal food. Very delicious! I like it. 🙂

Shengcheng restaurant: It is in the Tibet Hotel and phone number is: 0891-6838710.

Baguo Cafe: It is located in the south of the Dazhao Temple and phone number is : 0891-6326892.

Tibet stone house restaurant: It is very close to the Badala Palace and the phone number is : 0891-6321627-50.

Xiyougong restaurant: It is in the west of the Badala Palace. (Tel: 0891-6325989).

Snow man restaurant: It is in Beijing Xilu and phone number is: 0891-6815755.

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