Lhasa Travel, Tibet Travel Information

Hotels in Tibet:
There are good hotels in the big cities like Lhasa, Rigeze, Jiangmu, Naqu, Linzhibayi and Shannanzhedang of Tibet. They are not comparable with the five star hotels in Beijing or Shanghai of course. But the rooms are pretty clean and the services are not bad. Some small motels are good options too. Many tourists like these special and lovely motels in Tibet. For example, the Balangxue motel of Lhasa is a notable one and it is named as “The top ten mountain motels in the world”.

Other cities in Tibet have their own “Motels” too. But these “Motels” are very simple and maybe all you can get from them is just a firm bed. The rooms are not so clean either. (cost 20-30 rmb a night).

There are also some “Motels” in other small towns of Tibet. But these are mainly for the truck drivers and the condition is pretty bad. I prefer to sleep in my own tent, because it is cleaner than these so called “motels”. (The cost is about 20 rmb if you really wanna try them)

Some tips here:
(1). In many hotels or motels in Tibet, the drivers can get free rooms if they take you here. This means than you will have to pay for them. You should make everything clear before check in if you don’t agree with this “rule”.
(2). The sleeping bag is very helpful if you are planning to visit the small towns of Tibet. Sometimes it is not easy to find a motel to sleep in these areas. The hospitable Tibetan people will offer you a room if your car is not running. But it is just a room ( with nothing in it ) and you will need to bring your own sleeping bag. 🙂

The flights to Tibet:
There are airlines connecting Lhasa, Tibet directly to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi an, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Cangdu and Jiademan. The airport of Lhasa is called Lhasa Gongga airport. China South West Airline is running these airlines to Lhasa and the planes used here are the Boeing 737. (No severe accidents happened since the first flight to Lhasa,Tibet in 1956 )

How to get flight tickets to Lhasa, Tibet:
If you are planning your trip to Lhasa, Tibet on July or August, it is not easy to get tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa because it is the peak season for Tibet travel. Thousands of tourists come here during this period of time every year. The best way to get flight tickets is to book your ticket through a travel agent in Chengdu. You will need to pay the extra fees for it.(About 30 RMB) Usually, the airlines companies will sell the tickets 5 to 7 days in advance in this peak season and it will be too late if you only book your ticket 1 or 2 days earlier. Here is a phone number of the airline ticket office: 028-6833446.

How to get to the downtown of Lhasa from the airport:
The Lhasa Gongga airport is a little bit far away from the downtown of Lhasa. You can take the airport bus and it takes 1 and a half hours to get to the downtown of Lhasa. The cost is 25 rmb. Another choice is the taxi. There are lots of taxicabs in the exit of the Lhasa Gongga airport and the cost is about 120 rmb.