Museum Of 918 Event Travel Guide

It is located in the northeast of Shenyang, to the northwest of Liutiao Lake Overpass and on the west of Changda Railway. The hollow monument of “9.18th”event inside memorial hall was made from mixture of bricks, stones and concrete, with inscription and a date noting “9.18th,1931”.
There’s a bomb-memorial near the hall which was founded by Japanese Imperialism in 1931 to mark the Sep.18th incident they plotted in the neighboring area of “Nanman Rail” & Lake.Liutiao.
The museum and remained monuments, with its unique arts and deep meaning, are reminding nationals of the never-changing topic of rejuvenating China. They are already developed to a state-level patriotism education base.
April to October is the golden season for touring in Shenyang. The place, same with the rest areas of Northeast China, contains short spring and autumn, an average temperature of 24 in summer, 3 to 5 degrees’ cooler comparing to South, and chilly dry winter which may require you to bring with your down jacket. Rain season usually comes during the transition of spring, summer and autumn.

Museum of “9.18” event is a live calendar which lies to the norhtwest conner of Wanghua Flyover, noting “9.18th,1931”. The record on its right side carved down the history of the incident for which Chinese people would never stop mourning.
At about 22:20 on 9.18,1931, Japanese Kwangtung army blowed up a railway near Nanman Rail and Liutiao Lake, but shamelessly slandered to Chinese army. Then put it as a excuse, Japanese launched an abrupt attack on Chinese army camp and City Shenyang. Hoping United Nation to reconcile, Jiang Jieshi banned Chinese army to fight back and signed a command for evacuation. one night, the whole Shenyang is token up. And soon Liao, Ji, Hei and Rehe four provinces. People of Northeast are under trampling for the next 14 years. In 1991, 200 meters away from the spot, the museum was built to alert generations of the sufferings and shames we’ve been through.

Museum of “9.18” Event Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 20 rmb
Opening hour: 09:00 – 17:00

Museum of “9.18” event is located at 46#, Huanan Street, northeast of Shenyang, to the norhtwest of Liutiao Lake Flyover and on the west of Changda Rail. The traffic’s easy of access. You have plenty of buses to take. The museum itself is a historical momorial building, existed in a form of remained calendric monuments.