Travel guide to Beijing, China – PizzaHut

There are a lot of PizzaHut restaurants in Beijng. They are so different from the Pizzahut in U.S. and you can visit one if you like.

Fu Wai PizzaHut
BeiZhan Pizzahut
YueTan PizzaHut
XinShiJie PizzaHut
ZiJin PizzaHut
XueYuanLu PizzaHut
XiWang PizzaHut
ChengXiang PizzaHut
WuDaoKou PizzaHut
DongZhiMen PizzaHut
JianGuoMen PizzaHut
GuoMao PizzaHut
An Zhen PizzaHut
JinLun PizzaHut
ShiLiPu PizzaHut
WangJing PizzaHut
GuoZhan PizzaHut
YaYunCun PizzaHut
FangZhuang PizzaHut