Shenzhen Travel Info For Your China Vacations

The city of Shenzhen, a new beautiful city of south China, is located just across from Hong Kong. The city has been the focus of intense urbanization, known as Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SSEZ). Comparison of the satellite images in Google Earth shows the dramatic change in the landscape from 1979 to 2004, as thousands of high-rise buildings and factories have replaced previous agricultural and vegetated areas. (info for your China travel and vacations)

You can find a lot of nice pubs and bars in Shenzhen:

(1). Shengbaoluo:

You can see some Hongkong pop stars here. Now this place is not a disco club anymore and it is not so attractive to the young people now.

(2). Hongguan:

It was open on 2002. The light system here is cool. There is a stage for the live shows here (working flair shows). The dancing shows here are very fashionable. You can see the imitation shows of the most popular American and Japanese pop stars in Hongguan. Pretty cool! In a word, this place is a very good choice for the fashionable young people. ( by the way, the beer sales here are very beautiful, 🙂 )

(3). Chicago:

It is called the most popular night club for the white-collar in Shenzhen. It is located in the Shenzhen statium. There are also some nice bars in this area. The music here can make you high and you can see lots of beautiful girls here. 🙂

(4). Dafuhao:

This is my favourite night club in Shenzhen. The cost is not very high here. The 1st floor is the disco hall and 2nd floor is the KTV. The restaurant is in the 3rd floor. (info for your China vacations and tours)

Some tips for your Shenzhen travel:

Crime levels in Shenzhen are significantly higher than in neighbouring Hong Kong. That being said, it is still no reason to panic as the crime levels are still comparable with any of the great Western cities like Sydney, London or New York. Use your usual common sense and avoid going to deserted places alone at night, and you will probably be fine.

Shenzhen has lots of pickpockets, especially in areas around bus and train stations. Also watch out for groups of children, who will tackle and hold you around your legs until you give them money to go away. (useful info for your China vacations and trips)

Leave your passports in your hotel’s safe deposit. Divide your cash by stuffing some in your pants pocket too.

Be careful to exchange money only with recognized places or people as they may give you fake currency. To be safe, only do your currency exchange at the Bank of China.

Be sure to keep an eye on the bigger notes (Yuan 100 especially) given during payment to the salespeople, they may exchange it under the table while you are not looking and claim that you have given them a fake note. It is recommended to always keep loose change (smaller denominations) while taking a taxi or shopping at the market.