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Mount Tai(Taishan) is a sacred mountain in China, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (It is a good option for your China vacations)


Tai Shan (Great Mountain) is one of the five Daoist sacred mountains in China. Because of its history it is the most climbed mountain in China.


Tai Shan has been climbed by many people important in Chinese history including the first Chinese emperor, Confucius, and Mao Zedong. While watching the sun rise, Confucius was quoted as saying “the world is small,” and Mao as saying “the East is red.”

Landscape (China vacations info)

Mount Tai is located in the north of Tai’an city and in the middle of ShanDong province. As one of the five most famous mountains in China, it is recognized as the head of the Five-mountain and defined to be East-mountain adoringly. Many emperors climbbed to the top for enthronement or other significant ceremonies in ancient China, for they considered it to be a symbol of Chinese power that given by master of nature. The earliest activities could go back to Xia dynasty and Shang dynasty, so it preserved a good many of cultural relics and historic sites. Famous literators, poets and celebrities were attracted here and thousands of poems and articles about Mount Tai are best-known nowadays.

Mount Tai is considered to be a cultural and historical museum. It is a famous place both of Taoism and Buddhism. There are four marvelous spectacles in Mount Tai, and they are sunrise watching on the peak, shine of sunset, Yellow River watching in sunshine and sea of cloud.

Get in (Useful china vacations information)

Trains run regularly from Qingdao and take 6 hours while costing 56-65 RMB one way. Express trains also run from Qingdao and take only 3.5 hours. Both of these trains pass through Jinan. Trains are also available from Fuzhou and Shanghai.

To get from the train station to the base of Taishan by local bus, take bus #3. This only takes about 15 minutes and costs 1 RMB.

Taxis from the Tai’an train station are available to the foot of the trails up Tai Shan. A brisk walk experiencing some of the culture and atmosphere of the city is a wonderful option for those wanting to warm up for the hike up the mountain itself.

The hike to the top of Tai Shan is an experience of beautiful sites with flora and fauna as well as a rich history of the mountain. Hiking by foot, though physical in nature, is very achievable and is regularly accomplished by people of all ages. There are multiple paths up the mountain with the main path being bricked the entire length making it relatively safe. An added benefit of the hike to the top is the lore that anyone climbing Tai Shan will live 100 years.

Alternatively, buses are available to the mid-way point and are available 24 hours. A cable car is available for the remainder of the distance to the top. The cable car is open between 6:30am-5:30pm, although unpublished it may be open longer during peak times.

If you are interested in seeing the sunrise (a very popular activity) you will need to hike up the stairs at night or stay overnight on top.

Fees/Permits As of 2007:

Admission was 125 RMB, 100 RMB During the off season, or 50/year if you are a local.

Student fares are available at 60 RMB and 50 RMB for on and off season respectively, but a student ID may be required.

Cable car fares are 80RMB one way or 140RMB return.

Bus fares to the midpoint base are 18RMB one way.

Get around

Winding stone and brick sidewalks link the different village areas on top of the mountain.

Tai Shan is very popular to Chinese visitors. This means it is often covered with tourists and the vendors that follow them. There are many nice paths up the mountain but the main climb is sometimes crowded with everything from beggars, to chickens, to monkey on chains that you can pose for pictures with.


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