What’s My Tips To Get A New Credit Card (What’s My Credit Score)

For the people who has a poor credit score or don’t establish his/her credit history yet, it is hard to apply for the loans or new credit cards. Actually there are still some opportunities for these people to improve their credit scores.

1. The shopping credit cards from the department stores or shopping malls

Usually, the department stores and shopping malls will encourage their customers to apply for their own credit cards. Although these credit cards can only be used for shopping in these places, they are still the real credit cards, which can help you to improve your credit score or establish your credit history. These credit cards don’t have a high credit limit and they are not difficult to get because of this low credit limit. (the low credit limit means low risks for the companies) You can use these shopping credit cards to gain a better credit score by always paying your credit card bills on time. Once your credit score is improved, you will have much more chances to get loans and other good credit cards.

2. Get your first credit card by opening a checking or saving account first

In the U.S., the big banks have many branches in the big cities. These bank branches provide a lot of services and will love people to open checking or saving accounts in them. They often come to the colleges to do the promotions. For the students who don’t establish their credit history yet, this is a good chance for them to get their first credit cards. Because the purpose of these banks is to absorb deposits, you can open a checking or saving account first. This will help you to get your first credit card. These credit cards will not have a high credit limit of course. But they are still a good choice for the students or people with poor credit history to improve their credit scores. If you are a college student, usually, the local banks will do some promotions at the beginning of each semester. This will be your good time to get your first credit card.

3. The credit cards for students

Now the banks and credit card companies pay a lot of attention to the student credit card market. They have many student credit cards now. For those college students, you can find the materials for the student credit card application in the bulletin board of your school. These materials will help your to get your first credit card. Usually, you will need to send your student ID copy, registration certificate copy, tuition bill copy, etc to the banks or credit card companies. These will prove your pupillage and you will have a good chance to get your student credit card from them.

4. Find a cosigner

Why is it hard to get a new credit card for the people who has a poor credit score or don’t establish his/her credit history yet? Because it is risky to give them credit cards when the banks and credit card companies are not sure whether they will pay their credit card bills on time or not. In this case, you will get your new credit card much easier if you can find a cosigner who has a very good credit history and credit score. He/She will be responsible to pay your credit card bills if you don’t do it on time. You can use this method to establish your own credit history or repair your credit record. When your credit score is better, you can apply for your own credit cards (without cosigner) then.

5. The pre-approved credit card

Sometimes, you will find some pre-approved credit card application materials in your mail box. Because they are pre-approved credit cards, you will get them for sure if you submit your application. But these offers are usually sent to the people with good credit history and credit scores in my point of view. I never receive these kind of offers when my credit history is still very short. Now my credit score are very high and I receive these kind of pre-approved credit card offers every week.

6. Credit card from the credit union

My first credit card is a Mastercard from a credit union. You will not be able to get a very good credit card from them, like 5% cash back, $ 100 bonus, travel insurance, etc. But these credit union credit cards are not difficult to get and they can be your good choice to establish your credit history or improve credit score. By the way, the credit limit of these credit cards are very low. I only get a $ 500 credit limit for my first credit card. Now I have a $ 6000 credit limit discover credit card. But my request for the credit limit increase of my first credit is still rejected by the credit union. 🙂