Yangzhou Travel And Flights Info – 20090728

This article is about the Yangzhou travel and flights. You can find some useful information in it if you are booking your Yangzhou flights now.

How to get in?

Yangzhou is only about 3 hours’ ride from Shanghai. You can fly to Shanghai first, then transfer to the train or bus. I will not recommend the train from Shanghai to Yangzhou because there are only 2 trains available every day and you will probably miss them if your plane is delayed. The bus from Shanghai to Yangzhou is a better option. There are buses available in Shanghai every hour (from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm). The bus fare is about 90-100 rmb. Some tips: There are buses heading to Yangzhou in Shanghai Keyunzongzhan Bus Station, Shanghai South Bus Station, Pudong Bus Station and Hutai Bus Station. Some buses will stop at both the East Bus Station and West Bus Station of Yangzhou. I will recommend you to get off at the West Bus Station in Yangzhou because the East Bus Station is a little bit far away from the downtown of Yangzhou.

Taxi and hotel in Yangzhou:

For the taxi service,the flag-fall price here is 7 rmb and the cost is 1.6 rmb for one kilometer. For the hotels, the peak season for the Yangzhou travel is March to June. All the hotels here will be in very good business during this period of time, especially the weekends. I will recommend you to book your hotels in advance if you are planning to visit Yangzhou. There are all kinds of hotels here in Yangzhou: from the five stars hotels to hostels. Shiweitian holiday hotel and Cuiyuan city hotel are 2 notable hotels in Yangzhou. Shiweitian holiday hotel is famous of its Yangzhou food and Cuiyuan city hotel is well-known for its Yangzhou gardening style decorations. If you like the economical chain hotels, there are also lots of options for you: Home Inn, Hanting Inns & Hotels, Jinjiang Inn, etc. The hostels in Yangzhou are not bad either. You can save some money if you choose these hostels: 30 rmb / person for the Baihui hostel (148 Daxuebeilu Street).

Travel tips for Yangzhou:

1. The Yangzhou feet massage is very famous in China. You can try it here if you are in the mood. The Yangzhou Shuyang Feet Massage and Yangzhou Luqin Feet Massage are the 2 notable places for this kind of services. The cost is about 100 rmb for one person.

2. The Yangzhou 1912 bar street is your best choice if you wanna experience the night life of Yangzhou.

3. Yangzhou is called the “city of the stuffed toys”. You can get very good deals in the stuffed toys here. (take the Line 25, Line 31 or Line 40 city buses to the bus station named “Yangzhou Stuffed Toy Market”)