Yilingyan Scenic Spot Guangxi China Travel Guide

Yilingyan Scenic Spot is located 17 kilometers south of the county, 17 kilometers from Nanning City, it includes Yilingyan, Xianshan Court, Conference Center, Modern Sightseeing Agriculture Garden, Zhuang Nationality Prosperous Village, Jia Spring, 72 Gates, Nine Caves Mountain, etc. Yilingyan is the essence of the spot, enjoying the fame of Underground Palace. It is a karst cave formed 1 million years ago. Covering an area of 24 thousand square kilometers and a length of 1100 meters, the relief feature of the place is like a conch. The stalactites stalamites, stelae, cave flowers, curtains forms a variety of wonderful scenes. People feel like visiting the fairyland in the cave. 8 sceneries have been developed, naming “new looks of the mountain and the village”, “beautiful country”, “two lions greet the guests”, etc. There are folk custom entertainment facilities such as folk style gelary, Zhuang Style Bamboo building, monkey garden, etc. There are also 50 high end guest rooms with 80 beds, and Dafuhao Restaurant which could attend 200 people to hold conference and dine, there is also souvenir shops.
Since its opening in 1975, Yilingyan has received 5.5 million guests, including over 200 thousand people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, and many presidents, premiers, generals, ministers, etc.
Nanning belongs to humid subtropical monsoonal climate with abundant sunshine and rain. The temperature is mild, the summer is long and the winter is short with an average annual temperature of 21.6 C. All the year is the suitable time to travel.

It is said that during Kaixi and Jiading periods of Southern Song dynasty(1205-1224), there was a monk called Zhou Shiqing who build a Buddhist convent here and cultivated himself into a fairy. Thus Yiling Cave also called the Fairy-Watching Cave by the later generation who also built the Jianxian Temple on the mountain top. Located in the Liangman Mountain, the cave was a section of underground which became a cave because of the movement of the earth shell. After ten million years’ dissolution, different kinds of stalactites, stalagmites, stelaes are formed in thousands of postures in the cave to create wonderful, amazing and mysterious views. Like a whelk, it is 45 meters in depth and has an area of 24000sq.m, divided into three levels, winding and changing all the time.
Yilingyan is a karst cave, getting the name because it is located in Yiling Village. It also has a name “Gan Palace”, meaning a cave as beautiful as a palace. According to the geologists, it is formed 1 million years ago. The cave is like a conch, divided into three layers, winding and crooked. The stalactites and curtains overlap, forming countless sceneries, you could see different scenes in every step. The area around Yjilingyan is also Karst relief. The Zhuan Nationality Gallery help people get a better understanding of the culture, history and folk custom of Guangxi Zhuan people.
Visitors can fully get the knowledge of the culture, history and folkway of Zhuang minority in the cultural corridor of Zhuang built in this scenic spot.

Yilingyan scenic spot fee and opening hour:
Ticket: 45 rmb.
Opening Hour :8:00″”17:00.

Take bus at Anji Passenger Station to Wuming, and get off at Yiyanling.