Beijing flights info for your China vacations – Airports in Beijing

This article is an introduce of the airports in Beijing. I live in Beijing for almost ten years and I hope you can find some useful infomation from this article.

There are 2 airports for travelers in Beijing(other airports are for military uses).
Nanyuan airport is a small airport and is used only for the domestic flights.
Beijing Capital International Airport(PEK) is for both the international and domestic flights.

There are 3 terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport(PEK). They are T1,T2 and T3. Terminal links(airport buses) are provided to link the 3 terminals.(more info about Beijing flights and China vacations at Travel2ChinaInfo . COM)

Hainan Airlines(domestic flights)

6 airlines from the SkyTeam Alliance
(1). China Eastern
(2). China Southern
(3). Xiamen Airlines
(4). Shenzhen Airlines
(5). United Eagle Airlines, China
(6). Chongqing Airlines

11 Airlines from the STAR ALLIANCE
(1). Air Canada
(2). ANA, Japan
(3). Asiana Airlines
(4). Austrian Airlines
(5). Lufthansa,Germany
(6). SAS,Scandinavian Airlines
(7). Singapore Airlines
(8). UA(USA)
(9). Thai Airways International PCL
(10). Air China
(11). Shanghai Airlines

6 Airlines from One World (airline alliance)
(1). British Airways
(2). Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
(3). Japan Airlines
(4). Qantas Airways
(5). Finn Air
(6). Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited

Other Airlines in T3
(1). Shandong Airlines
(2). Sicuan Airlines
(3). Qatar Airways
(4). EL AL Israel Airlines Limited
(5). Turkish Airlines
(6). Emirates Airline
(7). Air Macau Co, LTD(more info about Beijing flights and China vacations at Travel2ChinaInfo . COM)

How to get to Beijing Capital International Airport ?
1. You can take the subway. 2 subway stations are connected directly to the Beijing Capital International Airport(PEK). They are Dongzhimen station and Sanyuanqiao station. The cost is 25 rmb.

2. The airport bus is another option. The cost is 16 rmb and there are a lot of bus stops in Beijing for this airport bus service. The bus leaves at every 15 to 30 minutes.

Line 1:
PEK to Fangzhuang: 1. Liangmaqiao 2. Baijiazhuang 3. Guomao 4. Panjiayuan 5. Shilihe 6. Fangzhuang
Fangzhuang to PEK: 1. Fangzhuang 2. Guomao 3. PEK

Line 2:
PEK to Xidan: 1. Sanyuanqiao 2. Dongzhimen 3. Dongsishitiaoqiao 4. Xidan
Xidan to PEK: 1. Xidan 2. Dongzhimen 3. PEK

Line 3:
PEK to Beijing Railway Station: 1. Yuyang Hotel 2. Dongdaqiao 3. Chaoyangmen 4. Yabaolu 5. Beijing Railway Station
Beijing Railway Station to PEK: 1. Beijing Railway Station 2. Guoji Hotel 3. Dongzhimen 4. Jingxindasha 5. PEK

Line 4:
PEK to Gongzhufen: 1. China International Exhibition Center 2. Xibahe 3. Anzhen Bridge 4. Madian Bridge 5. Beitaipingzhuang 6. Jingmen Bridge 7. Youyi Hotel 8. Beijing TV 9. Zizhu Bridge 10. Hangtiao Bridge 11. Gongzhufen
Gongzhufen to PEK: 1. Gongzhufen 2. Youyi Hotel 3. Beitaipingzhuang 4. Anzhendasha 5. PEK

Line 5:
PEK to Zhongguancun: 1. Wangjing 2. Xiaoying 3. Yayuncun 4. Yueyuanqiao 5. Zhongguancun
Zhongguancun to PEK: 1. Zhongguancun 2. Beihang 3. Huixinxijie 4. Huixindongjie 5. PEK

Line 6:
PEK to Tianjin City(more info about Beijing flights and China vacations at Travel2ChinaInfo . COM)


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