Info for your Lhasa travel and China vacations – Shopping in Lhasa, Tibet

This article is about the Lhasa travel and China vacations. You can find some useful information in it if you are planning your Lhasa travel now.

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet, China. Here are some good places for your shopping in Lhasa, Tibet.

1. Lhasa Department Store (Lhasa Baihuodalou):

The address is: 1 Yutuolu Street, Lhasa,Tibet. It is close to the Potala Square. You can get all kinds of commodities here. There is a fitness center and some restaurants in this department store. You can work out in the fitness center if you are in the mood. The Lhasa Department Store has a very good shopping environment: Central Air Conditioning, POS machines, elevators, etc. The goods here are with medium quality and are at middling price. Maybe you will not be safistied with just a medium level commodities if you are shopping in Beijing or Shanghai. But this department store is one of your best choices for your shopping in Lhasa, Tibet. 🙂 The Lhasa Department Store is a four-storeyed building. The ground floor is for the commodities like: articles of daily use, snacks, cigarettes, wines, health care products, clocks, household appliances, etc. The second floor sells the commodities such as clothings, hats, bedclothes, shoes, etc. In the third floor, you can find restaurants, snack stores, tea bars, fast food restaurants and a bowling alley. (Helpful info for your China vacations and Lhasa travel) The 4th floor is used as a hotel to provide guest rooms for the travellers. It is called a 3 stars hotel in Lhasa,Tibet. Not bad in Tibet in my point of view. 🙂

2. OZARK Outdoor Equipments:

Ozark, a professional outdoor brands, was founded by Hans Shallenberger in 1996. After 10 years’ development, has grown a giant outdoor brand in China. As a professional outdoor brands, OZARK devotes to provide high quality outdoor equipments and clothing to the outdoors fans ,hope to introduce a kind of new life to the visitors with the philosophy of “OZARK Your Life”. You can find all kinds of outdoor equipments in this store. All the stuffs here are with high quality and are also not cheap. Here is the address of Ozark: 21 Beijingzhonglu Street, Lhasa, Tibet. (near the Dikuangting) Tel: 6816379. (Useful info for your China vacations and Lhasa travel)

3. Qingshan Outdoor Equipments:

This is another good choice for you do some outdoor equipments shopping in Lhasa, Tibet. You can get all you need for your outdoor sports in this store. The price here is lower than OZARK. Here is the address and phone number: 131 Beijingdonglu, Lhasa, Tibet. Tel: 13908910037.

4. Balang Tangka Painting Store:

It is notable for its Tangka (Thangka) painting and lots of foreign travellers love this place. (Tangka, a tansliteration of a Tibetan word, refers to a kind of painting scroll mounted on dyed brocade. The Tangka painting is one of two splendid gems of Tibetan art along with Tibetan-style murals. ) If you are interested in the famous Tibetan Tangka painting, this place is your best choice to learn this unique painting style. The owner of this store can speak good Mandarin and English. You can see how they make the Tangka painting here if you want. Here is the address: 10 Bajiaodongjie Street, Lhasa, Tibet. Tel: 6344930. (Info for your China vacations and Lhasa travel)

5. Lhasa Hand Made Tangka Painting Store:

This is the oldest Tangka Painting store in the Bajiao Street and all the Tangka Paintings here are made by hand. The painter here is very famous in Tibet and has a very good relationship with the Tibetan temples. If you are interested in their Tangka painting, you will need to place your order a few days earlier before you get here. Many travellers from Beijing come a long way here to buy its notable Tangka Painting. The price is from 500 rmb to 100000 rmb. (depend on the size and complexity of the Tangka painting) You can communicate with the store owner in Mandarin Chinese. Here is the address: 83 Bajiaobeijie Street, Lhasa, Tibet. Tel: 6830690.


Author: Shane Lee.