China vacations info – Influence of the A(H1N1) to the Beijing airfare and Shanghai airfare

This article is about the Influence of the A(H1N1) to the Beijing airfare and Shanghai airfare. You can find some useful information in it if you are planning your China vacations now.

Now the Beijing airfare and Shanghai airfare have been greatly affected by the A(H1N1) flu. You can get the air tickets at very good deals. On 05/12/2009, the airfare from Hangzhou to Beijing is only 350 rmb. This is the same as the cost of the train from Hangzhou to Beijing. Some Chinese airlines companies said that most China airfare is now pretty low, some airlines are selling their air tickets at 70% – 80% off. Comparing with the airfare of the domestic flights, the influence of the A(H1N1) flu to the international flights are even bigger.

From May,2009, many international airline companies began their big promotions on the tickets of the international airlines. The airfare is now at the lowest level in the recent 3 years. The Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. is now offering the round trip tickets ( from Shanghai to London and from Shanghai to Manchester ) at only 5900 rmb. Before the A(H1N1) event, the lowest airfare you can get for this airline is 6500 rmb. The China Southern Airlines Comapny Limited is also selling the air tickets at a incredible low airfare. You only need to pay 3800 rmb for the flight from Shanghai to Amsterdam (the capital of Netherlands). It was 4500 rmb before the A(H1N1) event.

The Emirates Airlines is now offering 2 free nights at the Dubai’s five stars hotels, 1 free ticket to the aquarium, underwater zoo and skating rink, 1 free 96 hours’ United Arab Emirates visa if you buy a first class or business class ticket from them. This promotion is available from 05/15/2009 to 09/15/2009. (more info about the Beijing airfare at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM)

The China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is now selling the round trip tickets from Shanghai to Seoul at the low airfare of only 1040 rmb, and only 3060 rmb for the round trip tickets from Hong Kong to Sydney. If you are planning your trip from Shanghai to Chicago, you can choose the American Airlines. They are selling the round trip tickets from Shanghai to Chicago at the low airfare of only 4500 rmb.

Another good news for the international travellers is that the Bunker Adjustment Factor fee is lower than it used to be now. You can save some money from this price change too.

“There are only 3 A(H1N1) cases in China now. But we are still worrying about its influence on the China airfare. Currently, the A(H1N1) is only affecting the international flights and airfare. It did not affect our domestic airfare yet. But if the A(H1N1) event get worse in China, the domestic airfare will be greatly affected for sure. This will be a disaster for the Chinese airlines companies already running in the red before the A(H1N1) event.” Guihong Zhao (professor from the Civil Aviation University of China) said.

Now China has 3 A(H1N1) cases:

(1). Mr Bao is a student of an American university. He is 30 years old. He flew from Saint Louis to Tokyo on 05/07/2009. On 05/08/2009, he caught the flight NW 029 from Tokyo to Beijing. On 05/09/2009, he flew from Beijing to Chengdu (by the flight 3U8882). This is the first A(H1N1) case in China. Now Mr Bao was recovered and discharged from hospital (on 05/17/2009).

(2). Haitao Lv is a 19 years old student in Canada. He flew to Beijing on 05/07/2009 (Canadian time) by the flight AC029. He stayed in Beijing for 3 days and visited some famous tourism attractions in Beijing, like Wangfujing, Huanleigu, Houhai bar street, Dongdan. (more info about the China vacations and Beijing airfare at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM)

(3). Miss Liu is a 18 years old student in an American university. She flew to Beijing on 05/11/2009. Her disease was identified as the A(H1N1) flu on 05/16/2009. This is the first A(H1N1) case of Beijing.


Author: Shane Lee.