China Fenghuang Ancient City Travel Guide

Fenghuang (Phoenix), an ancient town of historical and cultural significance, is small yet picturesque. Fenghuang is resided by many ethnics such as Miao, Tujia, Han, Hui people etc. The town was moved to its present site during about 1368-1644, when the major inhabitants were soldiers, sent to quell Miao ethnic minority “riots” by the Ming Dynasty government.

Most of the wooden buildings in the town were built by Miao and Han people in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the ancient architectures have been kept intact, including the primitively simple and tranquil slabastone or flagstone paved streets and the stilted houses with strong local flavours on the river banks.

How to get in?
Fenghuang is in the west of Hunan,China. You can get to Jishou,Hunan or Huaihua,Hunan first. For example, you can take the No.5302 train to Huaihua from Shenzhen. If you want to get to Huaihua first, you can find the bus to the Huaihua bus station when you get out from the railway station. There are many buses heading to Fenghuang in the Huaihua bus station and the trip is about 2 and a half hours (cost 20 rmb). If you are planning to get to Jishou first, you will need to take a taxi to the Jishou bus station (cost 4 rmb). There are many buses heading to Fenghua in the Jishou bus station (about 1 hour’s trip and cost 10 rmb).

Where to buy train tickets in Fenghuang?
Now it is convinient to buy train tickets in Fenghuang. There is a Ticket Office near Hongqiao (about 30 meters) and you can get all kinds of train tickets here. The only disadvantage of this is that you will need to pay an extra fee (20 rmb if you buy the ticket from Huaihua and 25 rmb for the ticket from Jishou).

Are there hostels in this Ancient City?
Yes, there are many good hostels here. A lot of people recommend a hostel named Tuojiangrenjia (tel: 0743-3224558). Here is a list of the famous hostels:
(1). Jiangbiankezhan: 07433222920, 13974306603, about 30 rmb for one person.
(2). Shawankezhan: 0743-3260482,13907436601, 34 Qingshawan Street, about 20 rmb for one person, it is a little bit far from the center of Fenghuang but it is quiet here.
(3). Huijiangkezhan: about 40 rmb for one person, it is close to Tuojiang but you will to see the famous Hongqiao from this place.
(4). Diaojiaoloukezhan: 0743-3225313,13974366327, the boss can help you to buy the train tickets here.
(5). Jinhuikezhan: 0743-3505972,13037426651

Where to eat?
There are many spicy food restaurants here in Fenghuang. You will enjoy the food here if you a fan of the spicy food.
(1). Heizai restaurant: in the west of the Dongmenchenglou Gate, this restaurant is not big but you can have your dinner near the beautiful Tuojiang river. The cost for one person is about 30 rmb.
(2). Dashi restaurant: in the Jianshe Street (near Hongqiao), this is a notable restaurant and some people recommend the Xueba Duck here. The cost is 30-40 rmb for one person.
(3). Shuishanglou: near the Heizai restaurant, the chef is famous here according to the local people’s words. The cost here is about 30 rmb for one person.