Mount Jinggang Jiangxi China Travel Guide And Tips

Mount Jinggang has great significance in the annals of modern Chinese history for it was here that important events during the Chinese revolution took place. For those who are interested in the history of the revolution, it is possible to take a tour on Mt. Jinggang that the people who against great odds struggled to establish the Peoples’ Republic of China. Mt. Jinggang is famous for the fact that it was here that forces led by Zhu De joined those headed by Mao Zedong. Together, the combined forces of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) marched on to a victory that was to establish the new China under the Chairmanship of Mao Zedong. Mt. Jinggang with its special features is quite different from the other sights, which makes a visit so rewarding.

Mt. Jinggang is located on the common boundary of Jiangxi Province and Hunan Province, 352 kilometers (about 219 miles) southwest from the capital city – Nanchang. The mountain areas have a high center that is surrounded by a somewhat lower level and between them they present two obvious steps. At the point that these steps are divided the relative height is 500 meters (about 1640 feet). It was here that the famous Five Sentries (the five Red Army military strongholds built) stood overlooking the difficult terrain. Another feature of the area is the many well-shaped basins among the ridges. It was these natural indentations that gave the mountain its name of Jing, meaning well and gang, meaning ridge – hence ‘Jinggang’. Mt. Jinggang covers a fairly wide area but it is possible to arrange for a car to carry you to the various separate sites of interest. These are not far from each other and the cost, which can be negotiated, will be reasonable.

You can take a train (Line Jingjiu) to Jian or Mount Jinggang Railway Station. If you wanna get to Jian first, you can stay here for a night cause there are some good places (Wentianxiangjinianguan, Qingyuangusi, Bailushuyuan, Qingyuanshan) to see here too. It is about 2 hours’ ride from Jian to Mount Jinggang. If you wanna get to Mount Jinggang Railway Station first, you will need to take the city bus line 2 to Chengnan Bus Station. You can find the tourism buses to Mount Jinggang here. (cost 27 rmb, available every 30 minutes, about 3 hours’ ride) Actually, Jian is a better choice for the tourists because it is closer to Mount Jinggang than Mount Jinggang Railway Station.

The best place for accommodations is Cipingzhen. It is like the base camp for all the tourists. You can find all kinds of hotels (or hostels) here. The cost is about 50-100 rmb. Because Mount Jinggang is in the Jiangxi province, all the food here is very spicy. You will need to tell the waiters not to put too much Chili to your dishes if you don’t like the spicy food.

Admission Fee:
RMB 206 for peak season, RMB 180 for slack season.(including a 50 rmb bus fee) Free for kids shorter than 1.3 m. 50% off for aged (>70). 50% off for students (need to show a student ID).

(1). The best travelling route for Mount Jinggang is: Beishanlieshilingyuan – Bowuguan – Maozedongguju – Yicuihu – Tianjie (for day 1), Huangyangjie – Baizhuyuan – Longtanpubu – Xiaojinghongjunyiyuan – Dajingjinggangshancun – Shuikoupubu – Zhufeng (for day 2), Bijiashan (for day 3).
(2). If you wanna fly to the Mount Jinggang Airport first, you will have to pay 200 rmb for the taxi because there is no airport buses to Mount Jinggang here.
(3). The flag-fall price of the taxi in Mount Jinggang is 10 rmb. You can pay the taxi driver 160 rmb for a whole day’s service.
(4). There are tourism buses connecting Mount Jinggang to Nanchang and the cost is 80 rmb for one person.