China Tianmuhu Yushui Hot Spring Travel Guide And Tips

Tianmuhu Royal Water Spa, located in the Nanshan Bamboo Scenic. Mu of bamboo forest to create a natural oxygen bar, the unique landscape created open-air hot spring. Beautiful bamboo forest as an excellent barrier, open-air bubble pool yard, patchwork, while in the outdoor hot springs to enjoy the enormous oxygen bar Bamboo comfortable. Royal Spa water is scarce type calcium bicarbonate-type hot springs, natural water quality, beauty-cultivation. Feeding pool, dynamic pool, bubble pool of five couples pool, etc. A total of 52 enjoy outdoor bubble pool to meet your health needs different. In addition, the exclusive SPA room flowing to soothing music, aromatic SPA Aromatic massage therapist who care of your body, so that essential oils and herbs, into lactic acid and other active ingredients into your skin, relax your nervous muscle and nerve, to balance body and mind, enhance immunity, beauty fitness effect.

Tianmuhu Royal Water Spa project covers a total area of 176 acres, divided into four regions, namely the Comprehensive Area Spa: owns more than 50 features indoor and outdoor pool and VIP VIP SPA bubble areas, and 15 hot springs with independent SPA room features pool; super five-star resort hotel area: has a business, family, clubs and other condominiums, 250 rooms, single rooms of 17 villas; multi-complex building: has a capacity of 500 multi-functional meeting Room 1, 1 Chinese restaurant, small conference room 4, lunch, private room 10; clinics and sports areas: the introduction of high-tech medical equipment and professional medical personnel for a successful holiday guests and other enterprises to provide professional health screening and health guidance and the business district.

(1). This is a famous hot spring of China. You can choose to come here in the morning.
(2). The service here is very good.
(3). By booking your tickets online, you can save some money (about 30 rmb).
(4). If you wanna come here by bus, you can take the line 109 bus to the bus station named Yushui Wenquan.
(5). You can watch movies and eat fruits in the second floor of this hot spring.
(6). This hot spring is very good for the skin.
(7). The admission fee for the kids is 88 rmb.
(8). Do not come here in the big Chinese holidays because it is too crowded during this period of time.
(9). This place is about 20 minutes’ ride from Tianmuhu Lake.
(10). There are plenty of parking lots here for the customers.
(11). Lots of people recommend these services: Xunyicao Chi, Rensen Chi, Hongjiu Meigui Chi, Xiaoyu Chi.
(12). Although this is a very good place to enjoy the hot spring, the cost here is a little bit high.

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