China Cctv Wuxi Movie Base Travel Guide And Tips

CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base is the first large scaled base for movie and TV shooting and for tourism built in China. Constructed in 1987, it is the nation’s first theme park incorporating movie and TV culture and tourism and is also one of the nation’s first batch of 5A grade tourist scenic areas. With its unique functionality and charms it has been attracting nearly one hundred movie/TV production units every year to shoot over 1000 movies and TV plays here, while at the same time over 2 million person/time have come here each year as tourists and to explore the secrets of movie production. Thanks to the incessant upgrading of the scene zones and excellent services the popularity has been rising every day and with that, number of production units and tourist coming is steadily rising. In this regard the Base is leading the entire circle of the nation, being the widely acknowledged earliest and most successful movie/TV base in China and is given the title of “Oriental Hollywood”.

CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base occupies a total area of over 100 acres and water area of 3000 mu of Lake Taihu. In its scene zones are King of Wu Palace, Ganlu Temple, Han Tripod, Cao Cao’s Army Camp on Land and Waterside, all of which are in the Han Dynasty styles. Then there are the Royal Palace, Da Xian Guo Si Temple, Purple Stone (Zishi ) Street, Riverside Street On Qingming Day, camps and barracks of Water Margin etc , which show a distinct Song Dynasty Style. The Great Tang Dynasty style shows itself in the large scale ancient architecture group of the Royal Garden, Chenxian Pavilion, Hua Qing Pool, and the Tang Palaces. For Ming and Qing dynasties there are the “Old Beijing Si He Yuan (a rectangular shaped residence house with courtyard in the middle)” and the “Old Shanghai Street”. Walking down these scenes, you cannot but be deeply struck with the great wisdom of the nation over the past thousands of years.

Shanshuixilu Street, Binhu District, Wuxi, China.

Admission fee:
120 rmb for adults, 60 rmb for kids between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters, free for kids shorter than 1.2 meters, 60 rmb for aged older than 70, no discount for students.

(1). From Wuxi downtown: Take the city bus line 82 or line Guanguanglvyou.
(2). From Shanghai: Highway Huning – Wuxi South – Highway Huantaihu – Nanquan – Lihudadao – Gaolanglu – Shanhuidonglu – CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base.
(3). From Hangzhou: Highway Huhang – Highway Zhajiasu – Highway Huning – Suzhou – Highway Huantaihu – Nanquan – Lihudadao – Gaolangxilu.

Xiefenxiaolong, Huntun, Sanfengqiao Jiangpaigu, Qingshuiyoumianjing, Yinyu fish, Baisaiyu fish, Huxie crab, etc.

(1). Don’t come here during the big Chinese holidays. It will be very crowded if you do so.
(2). This place is a good place for kids.
(3). There are many exciting shows in this movie/TV base.

By Shane Lee

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