Shanghai Guyi Garden Travel Guide And Tips

With a history of 480 year, Guyi Garden was built during the reign of Jiajing Emperor in the Ming dynasty. With an area of 146mu in size, Guyi Garden is the biggest classic garden in Shanghai, where have five gardens of this kind. According to a book called “Si Jing”, “Yi” here means a beautiful sight of bamboo. The garden was designed by Zhu Sansong, a well-known bamboo-carving master living in the Ming Dynasty. There are dozens of famous bamboos,like the tortoise’s shell bamboo, Buddha’s stomach bamboo, Spare bamboo, etc. The bamboos are planting in groups, looks elegant and beautiful,which makes the characteristic of Guyi garden.Tang Dynasty stone pillar, Song Dynasty pagoda, Ming and Qing dynasty buildings like the Recluse Hall,untied boat,the White Crane Pavilion, the South Hall,the Little Sound Attic,etc,they all have a profound historical and culture.

Winding brooks,stont pavements, couplets written on scrolls and artistic pavements, fauous poems and calligraphy from Dongqichang and Zhuzhishan makes the garden pretty, delicate, elegant but simple , so becomes its special character. Since 1984,Guyi garden was awarded “model unit” by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government for 13 consecutive times,and was awared the titles of “National Construction System Civilized Cervices Model Units”, “State-level tourist Destinations AAAA”, “Shanghai Five-star Park”, etc.

218 Huyigonglu Street, Shanghai, China.

Admission fee:
12 rmb for adults, free for aged older than 70, free for kids shorter than 1.3 meters.

Opening hours:

(1). Hutang line, city bus line 822, Subway line 3,4 -> Subway line 11.
(2). Subway line 2-> Subway line 11.
(3). City bus line 562 -> Subway line 11.

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(1). Guyi Garden is a good travel destination in summer.
(2). You can drive your car to Guyi Garden and it is easy to find a parking lot here.
(3). This is not a big garden but everything here is very exquisite.
(4). The best time to visit Guyi Garden is July and August.

By Shane Lee

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