China Vacations Travel Guide – Mount Huang (Huang Shan)

1. How to get in?
There are 2 ways to get in: (1). From the south of Mount Huang. (2). From the east of Mount Huang.
(1). You will see a lot of scenery spots if you visit Mount Huang this way. The major attractions are: Ciguangge, Banshan Temple, Yupinfeng, Tiandufeng, Lianhuafeng, Tianhai Hotel, Guangmingding, Feilaishi, Xihai Hotel, Paiyunting, Xihai Valley, Danxiafeng, Beihai Hotel, Lion feng, Shixin feng, Baieling, Yungu Temple. This trip is not an easy one.
(2). This route is easier than the first one. You will not see many scenery spots when climbing the Mount Huang but some scenery spots will be available when you get down. They are Fenghuangyuan, Jiulongpu, Feicuigu. I like the Feicuigu. It is also called Valentine Valley(Qingrengu).
Generally, if you wanna see the sunrise in Mount Huang, you will need to stay in a hotel of Mount Huang. In this case, the first route will be a good choice for you.
If you don’t wanna see the sunrise here, the second route will be better for you.( You can find more info about China vacations and Lhasa travel at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM )

2. Hotels in Mount Huang:
The hotels in Mount Huang is not bad (about 500 rmb for a two beds room, 140 rmb for a bed in a five beds room). If you wanna see the sunrise in Mount Huang, the Tianhai Hotel is a very good choice for you. It is very close to the Guangmingding(about 10 minutes’ walk). If you wanna see the Yunhai (cloud sea), the Beihai Hotel or Shilin Hotel will be good for you. They are about 20 minutes’ walk from Beihai(the place to see the Yunhai).
There is a small town named Tangkou. It is near the Mount Huang and you can choose a hotel here if you don’t wanna stay in the hotels of Mount Huang. The hotels in Tangkou are much cheaper than the ones in Mount Huang (only 150 rmb for a 2 beds room).

3. Eat in Mount Huang:
You can find lots of delicious local food here(Choujie fish, Maofeng fish, Mount Huang Yijue, Shicai, Sunganshaorou, Chou Tofu). I will recommend a restuarant named Huizhoumeishi. It is in the Tangkou town. The food are delicious and their services are not bad. (tel: 3388276, 13955958064, the last name of the restaurant owner is Jiang). I once had a lunch in this place and we get 30% off and the cost is about 20 rmb for a person ( pretty cheap, 🙂 ). If you wanna eat in the restuarants in Mount Huang, it is much more expensive. A bottle of water will cost you 15 rmb. By the way, you can try some local food in the farmers’ home. It is not expensive. I recommend this one: Guoliang Hu, tel: 0559-5154189.

4. Some tips for your Mount Huang travel:
The ticket price of the Mount Huang (main gate) is 131 rmb(including the insurance). The one way ropeway costs 65 rmb for a person( you can get a 50% off if you have a student ID). For the scenery spots in Mount Huang: Fenghuangyuan costs 30 rmb. Jiulong waterfall costs 30 rmb. Feicuigu costs 42 rmb. Xidi costs 55 rmb.