Lhasa Travel And China Vacations Info – Entertainment In Lhasa

There are a lot of good places for your entertainment in Lhasa,Tibet. (Cinema,KTV,Bar,Pub,Night club,Tea bar,Cafe,Bowling club,etc)

1. Baguo Cafe:
This cafe has more than 40 tables. You can get coffee and all kinds of food(Chinese,Nepalese,Indian,Japanse,Italian food) here. It is also a place for you to surf the Internet. They also sell the travel books and Tibetan maps. You can use the IC telephone here if you do not have a cell phone in Lhasa. Lots of foreign travellers like this place. 🙂 The address of Baguo cafe is: South Dazhao Temple Square. Tel: 6326892.

2. JJ Dancing Club:
It is in the Potala Palace and you can see the traditional Tibetan dance here. In the day time, this place is used as a rink. It is open at 8:30 am. Tel: 6823231.

3. Nis Club:
It is located in 12 Linguobeilu, Lhasa. This place is like an entertainment center and it inlucdes shopping store, night club, tea bar, cafe, restaurant, hotel, etc. Here is the phone number: 6336648. Fax: 6336370.

4. Gelisen beer club:
You can get the German style beer here and you will never find a place like this in Lhasa. Lots of people like it and it is also a good place for you to hang out with friends. The capacity is about 200 people. The office hour is from 11 am to 2 am of the next day. Here is the address: 198 Beijingzhonglu(near the Tibet Mansion). Tel: 6826552.

5. Yindu Nigh Club:
It is a very popular disco club in Lhasa and you can also see good dancing shows here. Lots of young people like this place. The address is: Beijingzhonglu(near the Tibet Mansion).

6. Salong Nigh Club:
It is a place similar with the night clubs of other big cities in China. You can see lots of interesting shows here and the expense is a little bit high in Lhasa. There are also serveral good restaurants in it and they are open 24 hours. The address is: 187 Beijingzhonglu. Tel: 6814085, 6815524. (You can find more information about lhasa travel,beijing flights and china vacations from Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM)

7. Lejilin Night Club:
This is a quiet place for you to hang out with friends and lots of high education people like this place. The address is: 181 Beijingzhonglu.

8. Tiantangliao Club:
It is a low expense club. The capacity is about 100 people and you can do the karaoke here. There are also some traditional Tibetan dancing shows here. The office hour is from 8 pm to 12 pm. Address: 148 Beijingzhonglu. Tel: 6829290.

9. Jianzhiyu Bowling Club:
It has 12 bowling alleys and a big parking garage. The expense here is not high and lots of middle age people like this place. It is located in the intersection of Beijingzhonglu and Minzulu. Tel: 6829672.