Travel guide to The Great Wall of China , travel tips

great wallJianKou Great Wall: The old,”un-refurbished” Great Wall
The JianKou Great Wall is a part of the Great Wall. The Great Wall is 629 km long in the Beijing area(600 km is old,un-refurbished). What the tourist can see is the JuRongGuan Great Wall or the MuTianYu Great Wall. I called them the “refurbished” Great Wall because I visited these places a lot of times and I found that these Great Wall is a little bit too “new”. You can not see any sign of the long history of Great Wall. These Great Wall can only be call the “refurbished ” Great Wall.

Because too many tourists visit here everyday and there are scratches and abrasion all over the place, the government has to “refurbish” these Great Wall.

If you want to see the real ancient and “un-refurbished” Great Wall, you can visit the JianKou Great Wall. It is old and some part of it is damaged, but this is the real ancient Great Wall with a history of almost 3000 years and you can feel the unique attraction of the Great Wall here.

Travel tips:
1. Hiking boots are necessary. The road of the JianKou Great Wall is steep and slippery.
2. The cell phone signal is very unstable here and you’ll need to bring a backup battery.
3. Leave nothing but prints, take nothing but photos.