Lhasa Travel, Tibet Travel Information – Useful Travel Tips

This article is about the Tibet tours and you can find some helpful information for your Lhasa travel or Tibet travel in it if you are planning your trip to Tibet now.

1. If you happen to see yaks with red, yellow and green cloth hanging in their bodies, do not touch them. They are offered in sacrifice. The Tibetan people are very religious and it will be a huge humiliation if you hurt these yaks. Another thing you need to know is the Tibetan hawk. The Tibetan people believe that it represents God.

2. You can not enter the Tibetan temple without permissions and smoking is also forbidden in the temple. Touching the figure of Buddha, taking pictures are inappropriate in these religious places. Some temples only allow the tourists to walk clockwise in them and the females are forbidden to enter some special places in these temples.

3. If you are invited to visit a Tibetan people’s home, it is not polite to step on the doorsill.

4. If the Tibetan people extends the tongue in front of you, he/she is not laughing at you. This action is the way he/she shows the respect to you.

5. Do not enter Tibet if you get a bad cold recently. You’d better postpone your plan because it is not easy to recover in a high altitude place like Tibet. The cold will probably cause some other severer diseases.

6. The ultraviolet radiation is very strong in Tibet and the sun glasses and sunscreens are must have if you travel to Tibet.

7. The Tibetan government does not encourage tourists to watch Sky Funeral in Tibet. The Tibetan people do not want strangers, especially the foreigners, to see their funerals. The best choice is to leave the funeral quietly if you happen to meet one.

8. Do not buy any fur products in Tibet. It is illegal to do so and you will get in trouble if you carry this kind of products in Tibet.

9. Wearing the contact lens is not a good choice for the Tibet travel. The glasses will be better.

10. Do not bring a heavy bag to Tibet. It is just a burden for your Tibet tours.

11. A warm jacket is a must have for your Tibet travel. It is very cold in some Tibetan cities even in the summer because of the high altitude. The temperature is only about 0 Celsius in the night for some mountain areas in Tibet.

12. The ticket price of the flight from Chengdu to Lhasa is about 1200 rmb. (1950 rmb from Beijing to Lhasa) The train from Germu to Lhasa costs 172 rmb. If you rent a SUV or Jeep, the cost is about 12000-15000 rmb for 20 days. A truck costs 5000-8000 rmb for 20 days.

13. You can rent an apartment in Lhasa if you are planning a long trip here. Only 300 -500 rmb will do (for a month).

14. If your phone battery runs out of power in a small town of Tibet, you can ask the owner of the restuarant for help. They have all kinds of chargers for the cell phones.