Kunming Travel and Flights Info

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province,China.

Tel area code: 0871.

Zip code: 650000.

Total area: 21582 square kilometers.

Population: 4550,000.

City flower: camellia.

Language: The Kunming dialect is very similar with the Sichuan dialect. The Mandarin is the official language in Kunming of course and you don’t need to worry about the communication problem if you speak Mandarin.

Climate: Kunming is named “city of spring” in China. It is notable of its good climate. Every day is spring day. 🙂

Typical Kunming tours: (1). Xishanlongmen – Daguanlou – Folk culture village. (2). Jindian Park – World Horticulture Exposition Park. (3). One day’s trip for Shilin. (4). One day’s trip for Jiuxiang.

Traffic of Kunming: Kunming is a big city of China and the planes and trains are the mainly vehicles to get in. There are lots of flights airlines connecting Kunming with other big cities of China. The Kunming Wujiaba International Airport is the most convinient airport in China. It is only 3 kilometers away from the downtown of Kunming. If you wanna take a taxi to the downtown of Kunming, the cost is only about 15 rmb. The city bus is also a good option: the Line 52, Line 67 buses connect the Kunming Wujiaba International Airport to the downtown of Kunming. The city buses are very good choice if you wanna save some money here: 1 rmb will cover all the traffic fares in the city of Kunming.

Hotels in Kunming: It is not difficult to find a good hotel in this tourist city of China. The cost here is not high comparing with other big cities in China: 150 rmb will be enough for you to find a 3 stars hotel in Kunming.

World Horticulture Exposition Park: This is the place for the 1999 World Horticulture Exposition. You can see thunsands of plants in a big greenhouse here. If you are a fan of the botany, this is the place for your. To get here, you can take the Line 10, Line 47, Line 68 or Line 69 city buses. The admission fees is 100 rmb. Tips: The World Horticulture Exposition Park is very big and it will take you a whole day to visit this big park. If you don’t wanna wasting time walking here, the electromobile is you good choice. (cost 20 rmb)

Shilin: This ia another notable tourist destination in Kunming. A lot of people come to Kunming just to see this Shilin. To get here, you can take the Shilin tourist bus. They are available in the downtown of Kunming and the cost is 15 rmb. The admission fees for Shilin is 80 rmb.