Happy Valley Beijing – Travel and flights info

Happy Valley Beijing is an amusement park in Beijing built and operated by Beijing OTC, which is part of the Shenzhen OCT Holding Group. The park, which is located in the east of Beijing, opened in July, 2006. It is one of four chained theme parks with the other three Happy Valley theme parks located in the city of Chengdu, Shanghai – opening 2009 and Shenzhen. Similar in style with the Disneyland Park, Happy Valley Beijing also featured distinctive landscapes and themes throughout the resort along with featured rides within the different themes.

1. How to get to the Happy Valley Beijing?

You can take the Line 740 city bus, but the bus station you need to get off is a little bit far away from the Happy Valley Beijing and you will need to walk about 20 minutes. You can transfer to a taxi if you don’t wanna walk there. It is only 10 rmb and this will save you some time. Another choice is the subway. You can take the subway to the station named “Sihui”, then transfer to a taxi to get to the Happy Valley Beijing. The traffic of Beijing is always a headache for lots of people and you can save some time by taking the subway. (Beijing built several new subway lines for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and the subway system of Beijing is very convenient now.)

2. When to get there?

I have been to the Happy Valley Beijing twice and I will recommend the non-weekend days. If you choose to visit here in the weekends, it will be a little bit crowded and you will need to spend a lot of time waiting in the lines. The office hours of the Happy Valley Beijing is: 9:30 – 20:00. You don’t need to be here in the early morning because most of the games will not be ready until 10:00 am.

3. Admission fees:

160 rmb for the peak season and 120 rmb for the slack season. The kids less than 1.2 meters can get the free entrance. ( less than 1.4 meters can get a 50% off ) For the people older than 70, they can get the free entrance too.

4. Tips for the Happy Valley Beijing:

(1). There are some people selling the admission tickets in the entrance of the Happy Valley Beijing. The pirce is lower than what you can get from the box office. Actually, these tickets are from the travel agencies and there is no difference between these tickets and the tickets from the box office. You can choose to buy these cheap tickets if you wanna save some money. 🙂

(2). The food in the Happy Valley Beijing is not cheap: 15 rmb for popcorn, 4 rmb for the roasted sausage and 5 rmb for the drink. The restaurants here are just so so. Lots of people don’t choose to eat in these restaurants. You can bring your own food for lunch if you want.

(3). Don’t eat too much before you get to the Happy Valley Beijing. This will cause the vomit when playing the games.

(4). There is a KFC in the entrance of the Happy Valley Beijing and you can choose it for your lunch if you don’t like the food of the restaurants in the Happy Valley.

(5). For the girls, the pants will be a better choice than the dresses when playing the games in the Happy Valley.

(6). The sneaker is a better option than sandal or slipper in the Happy Valley.

(7). The sun-cream is a must have.

(8). The 3D movies are very popular in the Happy Valley.