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Tibet is an attractive destination for the adventure travellers from all over the world and mountaineering is their favourite sport here in Tibet. There are lots of high altitude mountains in Tibet and they are very challenging for the adventure travellers.

How to apply?
The China Tibet Mountaineering Association (TMA) is the official administration for mountaineering in Tibet. All the mountaineering groups or individuals will need to apply for a permit from China Tibet Mountaineering Association first. The TMA is responsible for the reception of the mountaineers in Tibet and will also provides lots of help to them. For the foreign mountaineering groups or individuals, they can submit their applications directly to China Tibet Mountaineering Association. If your application is for the registered mountains in Tibet, China Tibet Mountaineering Association is capaple of approving it in a very short time.

Here is the address and phone number of TMA:
Address: 10 Linlangdonglu, Lhasa, Tibet , China,
Tel: 0086-891-6333720 6333687 6322934
Fax: 0086-891-6336366

What is the difficulty of mountaineering in Tibet?
There are many registered mountain for mountaineering in Tibet. They have different mountaineering conditions. Usually the moutains with low altitude is more difficult than the ones with high altitude. Another thing you need to know is that you will need to provide a special permit for some registered moutains in Tibet. You can contact China Tibet Mountaineering Association for more details.

Are the base camps available in the registered mountains in Tibet?
Yes, base camps are available in all the registered mountains in Tibet.

How do TMA solve disputes in mountaineering?
You can make your complains to TMA directly and TMA is responsible to solve all the disputes according to the China Tibet Mountaineering Association Rules. ( www.tibet.cn/t/xzdx )

How much do I need to pay for the mountaineering services of TMA?
The total fees you need to pay is based on the following factors: Number of mountaineers, The difficulty of the mountain, Special service fees for unregistered mountains, etc. You can find more at www.tibet.cn/t/xzdx .

What can I get from TMA?
TMA will provide these services: reception of the mountaineers, review the applications from the mountaineering groups or individuals ( feasibility study of the mountaineering ), accommodation and transportation services during the mountaineering, providing assistant mountaineering experts to the mountaineering groups or individuals.


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