Mount Heng Hunan China Travel Guide And Tips

Mount Heng known in China as Nan Yue, is located in Hunan Province and is one of the Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism in China. Heng Shan is a mountain range 150 km long with 72 peaks and it is located at 27.254798N and 112.655743E. The Huiyan Peak is the south end of the peaks, Yuelu Mountain in Changsha City is the north end, and the Zhurong Peak is the highest, with 1300.2 meters above sea level.

At the foot of the mountain stands the largest temple in southern China, the Grand Temple of Mount Heng (Nanyue Damiao), which is the largest group of ancient buildings in Hunan Province.

Notable sites include the Zhusheng Si Temple, an 8th century Buddhist monastery and Zhurong Gong, a small stone temple.

Grand Temple of Mount Heng: Grand Temple of Mount Heng, or Grand Temple of South Mountain is located at the foot of Mount Heng, and on the north of ancient town of Mount Heng. It is the largest temple on Mount Heng, and it is also the largest and most complete palace-style temple of Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism in China. It is a major component of Mount Heng National Key Tourist Resort Zone.

(1). You can fly to Changsha Huanghua Airport first. Most big cities in China have non-stop flights to Changsha. If you prefer the train, you can get to the Changsha Railway Station first.
(2). Changsha Huanghua Airport – Changsha South Bus Station: There are buses heading to Changsha South Bus Station before 17:00 every day (available every 1 hour) from the airport. The trip is about 30 km. If you arrive Changsha Huanghua Airport after 17:00, you will have to get to Minghangdajiudian Hotel first, then transfer to city bus line 7 or 107 to Changsha South Bus Station. Another option is to take a taxi and the cost is about 90 rmb.
(3). Changsha Railway Station – Changsha South Bus Station: You can take the city bus line 7 or 107 (available from 5:30-24:00). The cost is 1 rmb for the common buses, 2 rmb for the air conditioning buses. The trip is about 13 km.
(4). Changsha South Bus Station – Mount Heng: There are 50 buses heading to Mount Heng from Changsha South Bus Station every day (8:10-17:50). The cost is about 26-42 rmb for one person. The trip takes 2 hours (about 140 km).

There are lots of hotels in Mount Heng and the cost is about 150-300 rmb. If you wanna save some money, you can choose the hostels and the cost is about 50-100 rmb.

Admission Fee:
RMB 100 for one person (including Grand Temple of Mount Heng, Zhonghuawanshouding, Shuiliandong, Zhushengsi, Jinggangshelita). Free for kids shorter than 1.3 m. 50% off for aged (>70). 50% off for students (need to show a student ID). If you don’t wanna visit all the places, the cost is 40 rmb for Grand Temple of Mount Heng, 20 rmb for Zhonghuawanshouding, 30 rmb for Shuiliandong, 5 rmb for Zhushengsi, 5 rmb for Jinggangshelita.

(1). It is a little cold in Mount Heng, especially in the morning. You’d better bring some jackets if you wanna stay here for a night.
(2). The best time to see the sunrise is 5:00 – 6:00 and the best place is Nantianmen or Wangritai.