Sanya Travel And Flights Info

Sanya has the most beautiful beaches in China. If you wanna save money for your Sanya travel, the slack season (March to August) is your best choice. You can save a lot of money on flights,hotels in this period of time.

In the slack season of Sanya, it is a little bit hot here. But you can still enjoy all the goodness of this beautiful city: beach,blue sky,sea food. The most attractive thing is the cheap flights. From March to August, all the airline companies are doing the big promotions. It is not hard to get the 60% off flights if you choose to visit Sanya at this period of time. Sometimes the discount rate can be like 75% off !! In the peak season, this flights will cost you 1890 rmb while it is only 1000 rmb in the slack season. One thing you need to know is that you will have to book your flights at least 2 weeks in advance.

In Sanya, there are 3 districts: Dadonghai,Sanyawan and Yalongwan. They all have very good hotels but the prices are different. I will recommend the hotels in Dadonghai. You can get the best deals here. For the same level 5 stars hotels, you can get 50% off at Dadonghai, comparing with the hotels in Yalongwan. In Dadonghai, the Yintai Hotel has a very good reputation. You can see the sea from your room and the beach is very close to this hotel. Another good option is the Sanya Baohong Hotel. It has a private beach (about 3 minutes’ walk from the hotel). For a family of 3 people, I will recommend the family plan of this hotel. It is 1450 rmb for 4 nights and you can get a double bed and a single bed in your room. They will also provide some gifts like free breakfast and kite.

Another advantage of living in Dadonghai is the convinient traffic. It is only 2 kilometers away from the downtown of Sanya. Good for the sea food fans. 🙂

If you still want to enjoy the beautiful view of Yalongwan. You can plan your Sanya vacation like this: 2 nights in Yalongwan and 2 nights in Dadonghai. You can still save some money by doing this.

The sea food of Sanya is another attractive thing here. Lots of people recommend the Chunyuan Sea Food Market. You can get the fresh sea food in this place. I have been there once and had some good experience in Chunyuan. Another good option is the sea food buffet. It is only 60 rmb and you can get all kinds of fresh sea food like: fish,shrimp,crab,etc. All these sea food are from the fishermen and you will not find a place which can provide fresher sea food than this kind of sea food buffet restaurants running by the fishermen.