Yuelu Mountain Changsha Hunan China Travel Guide

Yuelu Mountain Situated in the west bank of Xiangjiang River, the Yuelu Mountain with an altitude of more than 300 meters, has been famous for secluded environment and beautiful scenery since ancient time. Mount Yuelu Scenic Area consists of hills, pinnacles, rivers, lakes, wide variety of species of flora and fauna, cultural historic site, revolutionary monuments. Tourist spots on the mountain are Pavilion of Loving to Evening, Gorge of Refreshing Breeze, Python Cave and Yuelu Academy.
Yuelu Mountain is composed of natural scenery and personnel landscape. The natural scenery is strange, quiet, treasure and beautiful. In the landscape there are several thousand kinds of plants, among which there are a lot of famous and rare plants such as privet, ginkgo, camphor, spinulose tree, quassia, sweet gum, Chinese honey locustbladder catchfly. Besides, there are a lot of famous and rare birds and animals such as babbler, loriot, cuckoo, owl, woodpecker, parrot and fox, goat, pheasant. Yuelu Mountain is one of Eight Attractions in Xiaoxiang.
Except for the beautiful natural sceneries, The mountain is dotted with inspiring cultural heritages including the Yuelu Academy, Lushan Temple, Yunlu Palace, Aiwan Pavilion, Baihe Spring, the Monument to King Yu and other minor historical traces.

The name Yuelu derived from a a famous line from the book” Story of Nanyue” written by Liu Song from the Southern and Northern Dynasties. It reads “eight hundred square meters around Nanyue, the head is Huiyan and the foot is Yuelu”. The mountain was since ever called Mountain Yuelu.Yuelu Mountain has brilliant personnel landscape. For example, the poem written by Du Mu, “Stop the car and watch the maple leaves until late, the leaves covered by frost are more red than the flowers in February.”

Yuelu Academy
Yuelu Academy is the most ancient academy in China. It was established in the ninth year of Kaibao Period of North Song (976 AD). In 1015, it was famous for its study atmosphere and obliged the name by Emperor Zhen Zong. From then on, it became one of the four academies in China. Walking through Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, it was changed to be Hunan University in 1926, with a history of more than one thousand years. It is called a rare “one thousand year institution of higher learning” by modern scholars. The school running history from Yuelu Academy to Hunan University reflects the variance of China’s education system and is a reduction of the history of China’s education development.

Yuelu mountain tour line:
(1). Yuelu Mountain South Gate – Aiwanting – Shelita – Liudaoyimu – Tanlimingmu – Banshanting – Jiangxuwumu – Lushansi – Baihequan – Yinxinshiwu – Wulugong
(2). Yuelu Mountain South Gate – Wulunta – Banshanting – Lushansi – Baihequan – Caiemu – Huangxingmu – Changlang – Jimushanzhuang – Suodao
(3). Yuelu Mountain East Gate – Suodao – Jimushanzhuang – Yuwangbei – Changlang – Xiangguling – Yinxingshiwu – Lushansi – Baihequan – Jiangxuwumu – Liudaoyimu – Tanlimingmu – Aiwanting – Yuelu Mountain South Gate
(4). Yuelu Mountain East Gate – Suodao – Jimushanzhuang – Yuwangbei – Changlang – Xiangguling – Yulugong – Wanjingyuan – Xiaojingguangtongxiang – Chuanshuiposhuitang – Wulunta – Yuelu Mountain South Gate

Admission fee:
Free for all.

(1). The best season to visit Yuelu Mountain is fall because you will be able to see the red trees at this period of time.
(2). To get here, you can take the City Bus Line 106, 202, 305 and Lishan Special Line.
(3). If you wanna stay here for a night, you can choose the hotels at the entrance of Yuelu Mountain. Hunan University is close to Yuelu Mountain and you can choose the hotels in this university too.
(4). Many people recommend these restaurants: Yuelushanwu, Shanghairenjia, Puyuerenjia, Quyuanjiulou, Xiaoajingjiulou, Yipingxianglaxie.